从前有座山——孙晶、余启平双个展 Sun Jing & Yu Qiping: Long Long Ago There is a Mountain

e-invitation longlongagothereisamountain
Opening: September 8th Friday 5-7pm

Duration: September 9th – October 29th 2017

开幕酒会 :2017年7月16日周日下午4-7时


FQ Projects is pleased to present artist Sun Jing and Yu Qiping’s dual exhibition: Long Long Ago There is a Mountain. They both use paper as the main media of their artworks, while Sun Jing exploits mixed media art collage work on xuan paper to understand nature Yu Qiping reconstructs traditional Chinese painting in a modern way. This exhibition is also the first collaboration between FQ Projects and Yu Qiping. The exhibition will last until 29th October,2017.

Most of Sun Jing’s works shown in this exhibition are inspired by her trip to Nepal at the beginning of this year. “It is said that the Himalayas have a strong energy field which is full of enthusiasm and harmony. After absorbing energy of the sun there, some kind of strong sense of ‘green’ revived in my body.”

She integrated the exotic colors and materials into the works when she explored mixed media on rice paper and silk. In the meantime, the review of the Chinese landscape paintings is also reflected in the exhibition. Enjoying the mountains and water; Observing a flower and a beast; Combining static with dynamic; Feeling the contentment and leisureliness.

Yu Qiping’s paintings, which combine the mundane and subtle evoke the poetic memory of feelings. The series of works shown in this exhibition indicate the remembrance and imagination of bathing. His sentimental feelings of bathing are impacted by his nearly 20 years life experience in Japan and his childhood. In the film “Shower” by Zhang Yang, Lao Liu, who thinks water can not only wash human bodies but also clean the souls, there is always a calligraphy writing of “Virtue is like Water” hanging in the public bathroom in the film. Nowadays, how precious it is to find a moment to enjoy a bath!

The simple objects in Yu’s paintings are filled with fun and replete, such as books, wine, teapot, horse, windowsill. The simplicity of composition and space construction, plain lines and hazy light ink make the paintings natural and genial. By looking at the pictures, somehow you feel as if your were drowning in the warm and wet air enjoying the cozy life.

The works of Sun Jing and Yu Qiping embody a kind of contemporary sentiment of literati, a leisure and idyllic sense in urban life, a yearning for the unity of nature and man, a life attitude of returning to the roots.









  • 喜马拉雅山下(二)Under the Himalayas No.2,2017, 纸墨拼贴ink and paper collage on paper, 69 x 34cm x 4pcs
  • 探幽图(一) Tan You Tu NO.1 ink and 纸墨拼贴 paper collage on paper 56x30cm
  • 鱼知道 Fish Knows No.12,2017, 纸墨拼贴 paper collage on paper 56x34cm x3
  • 鱼知道 Fish Knows No.11,2017, 纸墨拼贴 paper collage on paper 56x34cm x3
  • 喜马拉雅山下(三)Under the Himalayas No.3,2017, 纸墨拼贴ink and paper collage on paper, 25 x 25cm x 3pcs
  • 喜马拉雅山下(一)Under the Himalayas No.1,2017, 纸墨拼贴ink and paper collage on paper, 69 x 34cm x 4pcs
  • 探幽图(二) Tan You Tu NO.2 ink and 纸墨拼贴 paper collage on paper 56 x 125cm
  • 余启平 2008年南京第一场雪 47x50cm 2015副本 2
  • Following the sages see mundane not一心从夫子无心染尘凡45x45cm2015 sm
  • At the old pavilion last year记得去年旧亭台45x45cm2015 sm
  • Deep, deep the courtyard where he is,so deep 庭院深深深几许14x65cm2015
  • High clouds with sunken sun 天远云疏斜阳
  • The moonlight illuminates the empty room 晚照空堂45x45cm2015 sm
  • The birds singing from the empty still room 空堂无风听鸟声45x45cm2015 sm