Dreamshake 造梦空间——FQ Projects Summer Show

造梦空间 小

Opening: July 20th Sunday 4-7pm  

Duration: July 16th – August 27th 2017

开幕酒会 :2017年7月16日周日下午4-7时


All grown-ups were once children. But how many people remember their dreams in their childhood? In this hot summer, FQ Projects is pleased to present a Summer Show from 16th July to 27th August, creating a dream space, let the time slow down, dialogue with your heart, and wake up the innocence.


This exhibition represents the artists from FQ Projects, such as mature artists who have already hold lots of exhibitions like Chai Yiming, Mou Huan, Dai Mouyu Yan Sha Zi An, as well as young artists like Sun Jing, Wang Dawei, Shi Yan, Mo Di, Wang Tingting and Chen Bingxiao, also the Korean artist Im Juri. Each artist has their own dream, either creating the dream or enjoying the dream. The exhibition leads the audience back to the beautiful dreams with the artists in the tone of pure and nature. As the words in the little prince: the house, the stars, the desert – what gives them their beauty is something that is invisible. It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eyes.


During the exhibition, FQ Projects will launch Dreamshake Art Market on the last weekend of July, 29th July to 30th July.  We try to see and image life from a child’s perspective, looking for naivety and novelty. In addition to the collection paintings from FQ Projects, this market also invited independent designers and children’s art. Besides, there will be some exciting activities like “Meet with World Famous Paintings” creative photography studio waiting for you. Leave the electronic products for a while, come and enjoy!



此次群展汇聚了非青计划的多位艺术家的重要作品,不仅有已经具备一定知名度的成熟艺术家柴一茗、牟桓、戴牟雨、阎沙子安、韩国艺术家Im Juri,亦有几位年轻艺术家孙晶、王大卫、施彦、莫頔、王婷婷、陈笑冰等。每个艺术家都拥有一个属于自己的梦,为了这个“梦”,他们有一半是在“造梦”,有一半是在“享梦”。本次展览以纯真与天性为主调,带领观者与艺术家们共同回溯最初美丽的梦想。还记得《小王子》里所说的,无论是房子,星星或是沙漠,使他们美丽的东西是看不见的。“只有用心才能看得清。实质性的东西,用眼睛是看不见的。”



  • 甜蜜的爱Sweet Love,2009,162x112cm
  • 无题16Untitled 16,2007,19x14cm
  • 无题04Untitled 04,2007,19x14cm
  • 我在这里, I Am Here,2016,纸上丙烯加彩泥,Acrylic and Colour Clay on Paper
  • 人物之七, Figures No.7, 2012, 30x22.5cm, 纸本丙烯, Acrylic on paper
  • 人物之九, Figures No.9, 2012, 30x22.5cm, 纸本丙烯, Acrylic on paper
  • 玫瑰妈妈-2,Rose Mum-2,2016,丙烯,彩纸,Acrylic on paper
  • 玫瑰妈妈-1,Rose Mum-1,2016,丙烯,彩纸,Acrylic on paper
  • 美丽世界,Beautiful World,2016,盒子,彩泥,Colour Clay on Box
  • 只是个孩子
  • TO BE A BEAST,2014, watercolor on paper,19x26.5cm
  • 靶子 The Target,2013,28x37cm,水墨纸本 Ink wash on rice paper
  • 妄想, Delusion,27x36cm,1997
  • Wang Dawei Diary No.48-2,2009, Mix media on board, 20x30.5cm
  • Diary No47-3
  • Diary No57
  • Diary No47-2
  • Dinner,35cm*55cm,Mixed Media on paper,2015
  • Dinner,35cm*45cm,Mixed Media on paper,2015
  • 闪电 2015 布面油画 80×100cm
  • 梦 Dream,2008,75x80cm,纸本水墨 Ink wash on paper
  • 孔, Opening, 2012, 53x76cm, 水性颜料, Watercolour, acrylic, pastel on paper
  • 盛, Full, 2012, 53x76cm, 水性颜料, Watercolour, acrylic, pastel on paper
  • 坠, Falling, 2012, 53x76cm, 水性颜料, Watercolour, acrylic, pastel on paper
  • 鱼知道之三, Fish Knows No.3, 2015, 51x25cmx3, 纸上综合材料, Mixed materials on paper
  • 山水间(七) Among Mountains and Waters No.7,2014,16x16cm,纸本综合材料 Mixed Materials on Rice Paper
  • 山水间(十三) Among Mountains and Waters No.13,2014,16x16cm,纸本综合材料 Mixed Materials on Rice Paper
  • 山水间(八) Among Mountains and Waters No.8,2014,16x16cm,纸本综合材料 Mixed Materials on Rice Paper
  • 秋毫之一 Absolute Stillness No.1,2013,54x38cm,铅笔纸本,Pencil on paper
  • 凌晨四点的雾, The 4am Mist, 2015, 66×45 cm, 纸本水彩, Water Colour on Paper
  • 我不在的雾中风景, The Misty Landscape Without Me, 2015,66×45cm, 纸本水彩, Water Colour on Paper
  • 织物之二, Textile No.2, 2015, 54.5x54.5cm, 铅笔和彩铅, Pencil And Colour Pencil
  • 织物之一, Textile No.1, 2015, 54.5x54.5cm, 铅笔和彩铅, Pencil And Colour Pencil
  • 落单的夜晚 Lonely Night,2014,26x36cm,纸本水彩 Water colour on paper
  • 独自在家的午后 Lonely Afternoon at Home,2014,22x36cm,纸本水彩 Water colour on paper.jpg
  • 正在消失的粉红,The Fading Pink, 2015,31.5×27.2 cm,纸本水彩 Water Colour on Paper
  • 6 犀牛, The rhino, 2014 oil on canvas 70x80cm 2014
  • 2.自行车1 丝网版画 80x60cm人民币3500_72web copy
  • 中国影像—人潮系列NO.27 Chinese Portrait-Crowd No.27,2012,26x37.5cm,纸本丙烯,Acrylic on Paper
  • 中国影像—人潮系列 NO.97 Chinese Images-Crowd No.97,2012,26x37.5cm,纸本丙烯,Acrylic on Paper
  • 中国影像—人潮系列NO.43 Chinese Images-Crowd No.43,2012,26x37.5cm,纸本丙烯,Acrylic on Paper
  • 中国影像—人潮系列NO.75 Chinese Images-Crowd No.75,2012,26x37.5cm,纸本丙烯,Acrylic on Paper