HOT ZOO HOT – Metamorphosis: FQ Projects Summer Show

Opening:6 – 8pm Thursday 21 July 2016
Exhibition: 22 Jul – 6 Sep 2016
开幕酒会 : 2016年7月21日 6 – 8pm
展览时间:2016年7月22日 – 2016年9月6日

HOT ZOO HOT – Metamorphosis: FQ Projects Summer Show

Imagine this; One morning, when you awoke from troubled dreams, you found that whilst in bed you had transformed into a horrible insect; more so you realise that this isn’t a Kafka story! You struggling to move forward not yet adapted to your new thin and hairy legs. You came to the breakfast table to tell your family that you turn into a insect. Although it is unbelievable, it is also the truth. They tell you however that you are just too tired and it was just your illusion. They say “Why don’t you take a day off and have some rest?”.

You go to see your friends, hoping they are shocked and tell you “Oh…..what the…’ve turned into a giant insect!” Instead they look at you as they always do. When you tell them this absurd and embarrassing situation, they began to tease that you have become paranoid.

Even while we casually read this story, we wouldn’t believe this would actually happen. Or would we? Nevertheless, in this senerio is it really important that the transformation is real or an illusion? If the person is feeling that they truly have become an insect then this is the key point.
What does it make you think when you see an unrealistic painting of animal?
Could it be a reaction to the atmosphere of a few subtle brush strokes of the subject contrasting with the context of the painting? Or perhaps your focus is drawn to the human-like expressions of the subject intended to provide clues into the artist’s state of mind and emotion?

This summer, FQ Projects presents a six-week group show, Metamorphosis.

Imagine a situation where one day when being around the most familiar people or undertaking everyday deeds, something has changed; would you really be able to spot this? Likewise in the short literarure The Metamorphosis by Austrian writer Franz Kafka, he describes the situatuons where by his subject awakes one morning to discover that he has transformed from a person into a large, monsterous insect-like creature; is this really so absurd and impossible to imagine? Does this feel like someone you know or are familiar with in everyday life? The animal in the painting feels like this person you know, due to its expression of seeming loveliness, honesty, sentimentality, elegance, angryness, naughtyness or coldness.

There are various artists will be represented in this exibition including Chai Yiming, Im Juri, Mo Di, Mou Huan, Shi Yan, Sun Jing, Sun Yu, Wang Tingting and etc.


夏日动物园之变形记 – 非青计划夏季展

试 想。某一天当你从一场噩梦中醒来,发现自己真的变成了一只昆虫,而这不是卡夫卡小说。你吃力地挪动着尚未适应的肢脚和触须来到客厅的早餐桌旁告诉你的亲人 --你变形了这个难以置信的事实,他们告诉你只是你太累了而造成的错觉;你去找你的朋友们,希望他们在见到你时可以惊讶地告诉你:“天啊!你变成了一只虫 子!”而他们却像平时那样看着你,直到你告诉他们这个情况,他们开始取笑你得了妄想症。好吧,就算此时当作消遣阅读的我们也完全不会相信这个所谓的“事 实”,不是吗?然而,在此时,外在的变形与不变形真的那么重要了吗?你感觉你切切实实变成了一只虫子,这才是关键,不是么?



假 设有这么一天,你身边最熟悉的人或事物变成了另一个样子,你能马上敏锐地察觉到吗?就好比卡夫卡笔下的《变形记》,真的就那么的荒诞和不可能吗?那些画作 中的动物,它们的神情和姿态,你有没有觉得似曾相识呢?它是不是就像是你生活中熟悉的某一个人,只是在这里外形变成了某一种动物,它可以是可爱的;憨厚 的;伤感的;优雅的;愤怒的;或是淘气的,甚至是冷漠的。

本次参展的艺术家有:柴一茗、Im Juri、莫頔、牟桓、施彦、孙晶、孙宇、王婷婷等。

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