A Common Place 司空见惯

e-invite of a common palce 司空见惯 电子邀请函
Opening: November 4th Saturday 5-7pm

Duration: November 5th 2017 – January 7th 2018

开幕酒会 :2017年11月4日周六下午4-7时


FQ Projects is very pleased to announce “A Common Place” opens on 4 November 2017, runs till 7 January 2018, showcasing artists Angel Xu, Brian Michael Reed, and Chai Yiming’s newest works. The exhibition will show how the three artists using the most mundane common objects to present issues relating to power, authorization and humanities.

The artist Angel Xu chooses daily commercial items such as Toilet Paper and Paper Clips to discuss the value and relationship between collective and individual. The toilet paper series makes Xu get a nickname “the Queen of Toilet paper” from the medias, it may be hard to imagine that she needs to do a lengthy research among all types and brands of toilet paper and also which kinds of brush are most suitable for the specific toilet paper.

Chai Yiming wanders around in his never-ending game tirelessly, absorbing everything he sees, hears and touched into art. All kinds of media, materials and forms could be used in his game field for painting: cigarette boxes, newspapers, colored clay, plastic models to shimmering powders, and etc. The works exhibited in this exhibition includes not only his latest works made of light clays but also his “recreation” on his previous works. When you look at the works, you will be surprised by his wild ability on his art.

Brian Michael Reed is an American conceptual artist who first came to China in 2012 to have experiences with Chinese visual culture and history through various artist-in-residence programs.  Reed discovered many themes that interested him about China; however, none were more potent than the metaphoric power of the Lotus. The lotus installation he creates specially for this exhibition shows us how a foreigner can cultivate cultural communication using art to reveal and express the symbolic lotus in new ways.


非青计划荣幸地邀请到艺术家Brian Reed、柴一茗、许开娇,呈现展览“司空见惯”。在我们日新月异而见惯不怪的当今社会,三位艺术家各自呈现了如何运用常见到被忽视的材料,与陈旧到不想被提起的话题,而巧妙演绎出类似于权势、人性和人文的宏大主题。



Brian Reed艺术创作中的在地性成为他近几年作为艺术家旅居各国的一大特色,尤其是自2012年第一次来到中国后,他对中国的许多事情感兴趣,然而,没有一个能比得上莲花,莲花对于他来说是个非常复杂的隐喻,既纯洁又污秽,莲花的二元性也存在于他的体内。本次结合非青计划展场为老房子的特点,特别制作了一组以莲藕为主题的陶瓷装置。

  • 柴一茗Chai Yiming, 诞生 Be Born 综合材料 21.5x16.2cm 2017
  • 诞生B 纸盒21.5x16.2cm 2017
  • 起源 The Origins 综合材料 21x17cm 2017
  • 明星 Stars No.5, acrylic&collage on paper, 2002-2017 21.6x131.6cm
  • 明星 Stars No.3,acrylic&collage on paper,2002-2017 21.6x131.6cm
  • 柴一茗Chai Yiming, 明星 Stars No.2,acrylic&collage on paper,2002-2017 21.6x131.6cm
  • 明星 Stars No.4, acrylic&collage on paper, 2002-2017 21.6x131.6cm
  • 明星 Stars No.1,纸上丙烯、拼贴 acrylic&collage on paper,2002-2017 21.6x131.6cm
  • brian reed04
  • brian reed03
  • brian reed07
  • brian reed06
  • brian reed10
  • brian reed05
  • brian reed02
  • brian reed01
  • brian reed08
  • brian reed09
  • brian reed11
  • brian reed12
  • 2017_╙¬╙¬╥█╥█_Hui Hoi Kiu_03
  • 许开娇Angel Xu, 龙纸 Dragon Paper, Chinese ink, tissue and mixed medium, 300cm, 2015
  • 2014_Toilet Paper_HUI HOI KIU
  • 2017_Hui Hoi Kiu_Wan Jiao Yi Hao_02
  • 20151125112852_6816.jpg-auto
  • 1968d0_a7e714b754d84ef4b8b61a110828996a