Art in the City Exhibition, K11 Shanghai

FQ Projects Shanghai

Exhibition: 11 Sept – 14 Spet 2015
Opening: 12 – 8pm, 11 Sept 2015
Booth: No.6
开幕:2015年9月11日 周五 12 – 8点

Inner Scenery: Vay Hy, Sun Jing, Mo Di  Ink Wash on Paper

Three artists from different generations all use ink, on different paper. Vay Hy, born in the 1960s, grew up in the UK with a western academic education. Yet his family has always kept the Chinese traditions at home. His works are mainly abstract ink wash on card paper or watercolour paper. Sun Jing, born in the 1970s, appreciates Tao’s spirit. Her works are collaged ink paintings on rice paper. Mo Di, born in the 1980s, uses ink wash to record her flashes of thoughts with typewriter printings, to express her own emotions. Their works seem to be far apart at first sight, but are actually all description of their inner scenery. The “scenery” in their works is not reflection of the reality, but their feelings.

Vay hy thinks that “Abstract objects have their own vitality and attraction. It is the wonderful connection between the work and the audience makes the meaning and life of a good art piece ”. His works are full of uncertainties, he tries to redefine the media of ink and water by partially control them. Vay Hy, born in 1966 in Vietnam, originally from Guangxi Province. Now he lives and works in London.

Sun Jing’s works feature random and spontaneous collage of ink wash painted rice paper materials. The main elements in her works are ink wash and tea stains, plus layers of painted rice paper mounted on various kinds of rice paper and wind dried silk. Following Tao’s spirits, she uses whatever half-made-painting parts at hand and creates works according to present moment. Her works stray between abstract and concrete images. The hills, stones and flowers are present and absent at the same time. Sun Jing was born in Haining, Zhejiang, in 1979. She now works and lives in Shanghai.

Mo Di: “Ink wash is pure, natural and fluid, it makes possible to present flashes of sudden thoughts and feelings on paper. My works stem out of the need for brightness, however it can only be reached by passing through darkness. As fear disappeared when I turned back , darkness is left behind and bright light is welcomed.” Mo Di was born in Guangzhou, Guangdong, in 1987. She now lives and works in Guangzhou.


内心的风景 — 许国慧、孙晶、莫頔 水墨纸本展




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