Art Stage Singapore 2013


Art Stage Singapore 2013 – Project Stage
23-27 Jan, 2013
FQ Projects’ Booth B4-09PS, Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Centre 10 Bayfront Avenue, Basement 2 (Hall D, E & F), Singapore 018956


Exhibition Info. at ArtStage Singapore — Project Stage

FQ Projects is pleased to participate Art Stage Singapore, 23-27 Jan, 2013.
Bringing《Love Hotel》series from MENG Jin & FANG Er, as well as CHAI Yiming, SUN Yu, XU Ke and WANG Dawei’s works.

VIP Preview & Vernissage: 3-9 pm Wed 23rd Jan
Fair opens to the public: 12-7 pm Thur/Fri 24th/25th Jan
11-7 pm Sat 26th Jan
11-6 pm Sun 27th Jan
FQ Projects’ Booth B4-09PS,
Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Centre 10 Bayfront Avenue, Basement 2 (Hall D, E & F), Singapore 018956

VIP预展时间: 1月23日 15:00 – 21:00 周三
公众展览时间: 1月24日-25日 12:00 – 19:00 周四,周五
1月26日 11:00 – 19:00 周六
1月27日 11:00 – 18:00 周日
地址: Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Centre 10 Bayfront Avenue, Basement 2 (Hall D, E & F), Singapore 018956

尺寸:100x90cm, 共12件

这组作品是方二和孟瑾既2007年推出《新秩序》创作计划之后,第一个以摄影为媒介的艺术合作。“爱情宾馆”系列把目光转到城市中的一种属性暧昧的场所,从前称作茶屋, 始于公元六O年代,主要作为妓女和嫖客使用。然而经过多年企业化的发展,这类的空间已从地下化慢慢浮出台面,并成为都市男女的短暂寻欢之处,或是因经济条件拮据而以此为家的老房客和都市边缘客。爱情宾馆通常提供两种收费:一种“休息”所收取的利率约3小时 ,另外一个就是“过夜”的计算。




Title: Love Hotel Series
Medium: C-prints
Size: 100X90cm, 12 Pieces
Year: 2008-9
Artist: Meng Jin, Fang Er

Love Hotel, is part of Meng Jin and Fang Er’s art project New Order, which began in 2007. Despite constituting a small part of the project, Love Hotel is the only collaboration that uses photography as its main medium. Love Hotel shows the artists’ on-going interest in urban life, architecture, memory, and found objects, and the interrelationship between physical buildings, objects and their social context.

Love Hotels ordinarily offer two kinds of rates: One is the three-hour ’resting’ rate and the other is the overnight rate. After entering a Love Hotel, one feels it meant to give the liberating feeling of having left reality. Many people visit Love Hotels for escaping one’s own troubles.

Even if the rooms are only modestly decorated with cheap furniture and fittings, they still manage to impart a sense of fantasy, imagination and sweetness, each object intimating that here you might find the satisfaction that you’re missing in your everyday life. It’s as if Love Hotels provide an emotional something otherwise missing in the lives of people living in the city.

For these series of collaborative works, the artists used the objects that belonged to each room as materials. The objects would then be stacked and wrapped into agglomerations. Each resulting form was not pre-conceived but generic, in that it was defined only in terms of the materials used in its composition. Perhaps due to the enormity of meaning that these places are associated with, and the lack of human presence, these objects took on a life of their own and gained an almost human character. It is this that makes this series so nuanced and striking.

The process of it is more like making the sculpture than taking the photographs. As a process it had a two properties: that of being specific to a room, and to a specific Love Hotel, and that of having been undertaken within a specific three-hour time period.
Love Hotel is just a label, the main concept is from New Order.Re-arranging the objects, which seem to be in the order, in fact it’s still in the chaos.

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