Inkplay II 墨戏(贰)

e-invitation Inkplay II

Opening: 5-7pm Saturday  February 3rd 2018

Duration: February 4th – March 30th 2018

开幕酒会 :2018年2月3日周六下午5-7时


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A Common Place 司空见惯

e-invite of a common palce 司空见惯 电子邀请函
Opening: November 4th Saturday 5-7pm

Duration: November 5th 2017 – January 7th 2018

开幕酒会 :2017年11月4日周六下午4-7时


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从前有座山——孙晶、余启平双个展 Sun Jing & Yu Qiping: Long Long Ago There is a Mountain

e-invitation longlongagothereisamountain
Opening: September 8th Friday 5-7pm

Duration: September 9th – October 29th 2017

开幕酒会 :2017年7月16日周日下午4-7时


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Dreamshake 造梦空间——FQ Projects Summer Show

造梦空间 小

Opening: July 20th Sunday 4-7pm  

Duration: July 16th – August 27th 2017

开幕酒会 :2017年7月16日周日下午4-7时


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My Dream is a Cage – Mo Di Solo Exhibition 制作茧的人——莫頔个展

e-invitation - 副本
Opening:4 – 7pm Saturday, April 22nd 2017
Exhibition: April 19th – June 30th 2017
开幕酒会 : 2017年4月22日 4 – 7pm
展览时间:2017年4月23日 – 2017年6月30日

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月季纹罐China Rose Jar,2013,h28xΦ31cm瓷,哑光釉,porcelain,matte glaze

Li Shaozun

Kao Gongji is the world’s earliest literature on crafts theory. It proposed a simple view on producing art, “the sky has tense, the ground has atmosphere, material has beauty, and work has skill, one is best with all four united”. To date, the porcelain concepts of Si Ji Shao still rely on the big idea behind these simple rules. When creating art, this idea influences the connections between my collection’s underglaze colour, glaze colour, clay and porcelain craft.
Si Ji Shao persists with a collection of handmade ceramics, which are formed with relatively more craft and material, and adhere to the original ideas of Kao Gongji.
Si Ji Shao works in plain hand-throwing manufacturing and keeps to the manual production of pottery, using traditional cylinders and spray base colouring, then drawings in multicoloured underglaze, manufactured also with airbrushed engravings and similar practices. The rough texture of works in clay and the exquisiteness of porcelain find a balance between one another, to form a distinctive matte texture.
The work is created on the basis of a balanced and self-satisfied state of mind, using picturesque paintings from life, such as the flowers and plants of the four seasons, and simply depicting the form and colour of an object. Primarily depicted in gloomy hues, the work balances and contrasts single colours in a plain pursuit of a simple, natural and pure realm.

四集烧 坚持手工制作陶瓷,坚持原创。

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