Dai Mouyu and Zhao Yadong – Sense & Scenario

14 Nov 2010 – 13 Jan 2011 / FQ Project
Opening Reception: Nov 13 Sat 5pm-8pm
展期:  二零一零年十一月十四日 至 二零一一年一月十三日
开幕式: 二零一零年十一月十三日 周六 下午五点到八点

Sense & Scenario, is the first cooperation of Dai Mouyu and Zhao Yadong, who are young Chinese contemporary artists and have known each other for more than 10 years. This exhibition will be the vivid reflection of their different inner mind and life story.

Sense & Scenario, meaning significance and intuition. Yadong’s work presents his intuitive feelings; While the process of Dai Mouyu’s work seems much more precisely and seriously executed. Thousands of expressions of emotion are hidden in the delicate strokes, which forms the significance of the artwork.

Dai Mouyu’s work on paper, just like the impression he gives to others, steady as a rock on the surface while embodying the power of relaxation and ease beneath. His work is mature, but not lacking vitality, between the fine lines lies infinity and beyond, but what he hopes to express is the collision and integration between the changes. “Most things are hidden and obscure, most people are multifaceted, some secrets that we would never fully understand. Time determines distance, and also determines the ups and downs of our innermost being.” This is the direction of Dai Mouyu’s attempt to elaborate and understand himself. The placid surface better displays his far reaching potentials, ups and downs in the past taught him to not panic, and shaped his careful and meticulous style. His work contains his understanding of himself as well as life, this is a process of conflicts and resolving conflicts, understanding and being understood.

Zhao Yadong’s works display a different style, the status reflecting the scenario, while within the rough strokes his characteristic of going with the flow appears to the viewer. The soul of character in the painting seems to be separated from his living environment, the environment becomes a reflection of the mood, the contrast between the placid surface and innermost being filled with anxiety merge into one, displaying the state of “nature and human integration” as described in traditional Chinese paintings. One being careful and meticulous, the other being casual and varied, Dai Mouyu and Zhao Yadong display the two qualities of Chinese modern artists, but no matter which style is being shown, they always understand the significance of existence through themselves, also trying to understand the emotions and ups and downs of life.

Dai Mouyu, born in 1975 Guangdong and graduated from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in 1999, currently lives and works in Shanghai. He has held three solo exhibitions in Shanghai, “Imputus” (FQ Projects),”None Sense” Photography Exhibition and “2 3 Points” (Creek Art). His works have been selected for more than 20 group exhibitions, such as “China PingYao International Photography Festical”, “Musée des Beaux Arts China New Generation Art Exhibition”, “Guangzhou Photo Biennale,Guangzhou” etc…

Zhao Yadong, born in 1970 Guangdong and graduated from the department of Fine arts of South China Normal University, currently lives and works in Guangdong. His works have been selected for the 9th and 10th Group Exhibition of Guangdong Fine Arts, Calligraphy and Photography. he won the honorable prize of Mao Ming Fu Sui Exhibition.

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意·境,有着意义与情境两层含义。意义和情境本身应是两种不同的情感投射: 情境随人而异,随心而变,随意而为,是一种自然抒发的过程; 而意义的产生却显得精密和谨慎,每一笔下落的瞬间都犹如膜拜的仪式,情感的万千种阐述被禁锢于细致的刻画中,意义因此显得叹为观止却也静默相对。

戴牟雨的纸上作品,一如他给人的感觉,沉稳如磐石的外表之下凝聚着张驰自如的力量。他的作品成熟稳重,却不乏生气,细密的线条之中隐藏着宇宙万物生生不息的恒久之道,而他希望表达的却也是在这变化之中的冲突与交融。“真正的东西多是潜在而隐晦的,人很多时候都有多面性,有些秘密我们永远没法弄明白。时间决定了距离 ,也决定了我们内心的起伏。”这是戴牟雨一直试图对自我进行阐述与理解的方向。表面的波澜不惊更能显现潜伏其中的深远,曾经的起落造就了他处事不惊的性格,也形成了他谨慎细致的画风。他的作品蕴含了对自我状态以及人生万物的理解,这是一个冲突与消除冲突,理解与被理解的过程。