Dai Mouyu, Sun Yu, Yang Yongliang – Silent Picture


Exhibition Duration: Sep.7th,2011 – Nov.10th, 2011
Opening Reception: Sep.6th Tue 5-8pm
2011年9月7日 —— 2011年11月10日
开幕式:2011年9月6日  周二下午5-8点

The works of the artists Dai Mouyu, Sun Yu and Yang Yongliang mostly utilize black and white or a single color. When watching their works from a distance there appears a serene surface but at a close distance, you will find abundant dramatic emotions and self-examination under the peaceful surface a feeling which is very similar to enjoying a wonderful silent picture.

A long time photographic career makes Dai Mouyu(B.1975 Guangdong) a keen observer of his subjects. His works focus on the balance between the nature and desire to pursue the eternal existent rule of the objective world, which arouses a series of questions concerning the meaning of life, environment and the world. Either the pencil works, ink works or his photography, all depict the intrinsic power hidden in which is represented as “To explore in silence, or to die in it”.

Sun Yu(B.1982 Jilin) graduated from the GuangZhou Academy of Fine Arts and now works and lives in Beijing. The rich experiences of encountering both culture of the South and the North endow Sun Yu’s oil paintings with a rough feature but a delicate technique. “Solitude” appears almost unintentionally in the expressions and behavior of the characters he depicts. Someone looks up into the sky alone, and the other looks ahead sadly, even some walk along the road naked, all implies life is no more than a lonely drama with desolate essence in it.

Yang Yongliang (B.1980 Shanghai) has become an established young artist among his peers. His works are combined with the Chinese traditional conception of Shan Shui (Mountains and Rivers) and latest digital technology, which elaborates the indelible destruction toward the cities and environment caused by the over developed modernization. Under the cover of the Chinese traditional Shan Shui’s peace and beauty, does the illusion harmony of the cancer-like-spreading urbanization query the life values to ourselves?  FQ is proud to show some of his earlier works which are rarely been exhibited from it’s own private collection.

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