FQ Projects Group exhibition – 2014 Summer show


August 03 2014 – September 4 2014
Opening: 5-7pm, August, 2014
House 76 Lane 927 Huai Hai Middle Road, Shanghai
2014.6.17 - 2014.8.1

In this hot summer, FQ Projects is pleased to present the Summer Group Exhibiton opening on August 3rd, hoping to bring a cool place for the guests. This exhibition represents FQ Projects’ main artists, such as Yan Sha Zi An from the 80’s artist generation who cooperates with us for the first time, and also artists who already gained a certain recognition and maturity like Chai Yiming, Mou Huan and Dai Mouyu. Two young female artists Shi Yan and Mo Di along with Walter Trecchi from Italy will also present their artworks.

Yan Sha Zi An’ s series “Chinese Portrait-Crowd” show the humanistic thinking based on the reality. He focuses on the Chinese common phenomenon “get together” to let people reflect on themselves and also shows his philosophical mind on the contrast between “assemble” and “disperse”, “move” and “still”.

We can wander in Chai Yiming’s ancient mythological world through his painting series “Shan Hai Tale”, meet the pure genies between the exotic mountains and rivers. His mysterious paintings are full of innocent but erotic colors.

Both Mou Huan and Shi Yan have chosen animals as their subjects. As Mou Huan pays attention to the color and light to represent the rhinoceros and chameleon he had seen, Shi Yan uses pencil to draw each delicate and light feather, showing the emotions and spirit she had felt observing the birds. These two outstanding artists with different interpretations of animals will give the audience an interesting experience.

Dai Mouyu shows an emotional and rational balance of beauty by his delicate and complex lines. He uses the most common contemporary tool — needle ink pen– to create a Chinese classical world.

At last but not least, Mo Di’s “Dream” convey the feelings that all people would encounter in their childhood, loneliness, unknown joy and fear of the strange adult world.

在这个炎炎夏日,非青计划将于8月3日推出夏日群展,希望能为来宾带来一片清凉之地。此次群展集合了非青计划多位重要艺术家,其中有首次与我们合作的80后艺术家阎沙子安,有已具备一定知名度的成熟艺术家柴一茗、牟桓、戴牟雨,亦有两位年轻女艺术家施彦、莫頔以及意大利艺术家Walter Trecchi带来的纸本作品。