FQ Projects Summer Works on Paper Part II 非青计划夏日纸本群展


Opening Event: 5-7 pm, Sunday September 15th, 2013
Exhibition: September 17th – October 18th, 2013
开幕酒会:2013年9月15日 周日 5-7点

FQ Projects is pleased to present the Summer Works on Paper Part II at this nice weather period between summer and autumn.

In recent years, Chinese contemporary works on paper have been selling very well continually both in the domestic and foreign art markets. This is not just because of its overall approachable style and more affordable price for people but also the trend that the traditional forms of art is gaining favor in the age of prevalent circumstances with electronic works. The media of works on paper bring people zero distance with the artists of their working process and their feelings. This exhibition represents the mainly artists from FQ Projects, such as post 80’s generation artists Wang Dawei, Chen Xiaobing, Mo Di and Imjuri, and also have some mid-career artists such as Chai Yiming, Xu Ke and Dai Mouyu. FQ Projects this time is pleased to work with James Cohan Shanghai Gallery in this show to present 3 works by Wang Xieda and Liu Chuyun.

Wang Dawei was born in the mid 1980s and grew up in the 1990s. His portraiture works are based on the reality in the society and making people think about their own social roles and thus their inner feelings and intentions. FQ Projects shows his smaller works this time.

The black and white wood engraving work by Chen Xiaobing graphically depicts the boredom and repetition of a student’s life in university dorm. By threading sparkling and colorful sequins and beads into the work she reflects the juxtaposition between the optimism of youth in an advancing materialist consumer society and the boredom of actuality.

Modi and Imjuri’s works topic is mainly about women. They exploit their art creation to express and figure out their independent female attitude through a unique female view point.

Chai Yiming is known by his unique, intelligent, and humorous painting style. His meticulous brushwork in his freehand style depicts lively and interestingly interpretations of natural and manmade landscape. “Shan Hai tale” series leads audience into the mythological world that hardly to tell which is real and which is imagined.

Xu Ke’s ink wash painting is both atmospheric and spirited. Over the past decades, his works have been exhibited in western countries and have been collected. His abstract ink wash painting is free and filled with both good control and momentary surprises.

Dai Mouyu’s works always make people exclaimed. People can feel the beauty in the coexistence and balance of emotion and reason. The detailed lines release a steady, yet freely tense and relaxed strength.

Wang Xieda’s Sages’ Sayings series, begun in 2002, embodies this fusion and conflation of cultural history. The structure and spirit of these works share essential similarities with Chinese calligraphy. Wang Xieda has been pursuing the realization of common human experience through the origin of language. His works do not simply reiterate the past but are reinterpretations of ancient expression, making them simultaneously contemporary and timeless.

Liu Chuyun’s piece Chun Hua Er (or Spring Flower) is the artist’s transformation of an actual Tibetan yak skull. Know for her graceful use of TCM herbal incense smoke in her art, Liu Chuyun applies hand-made rice paper, drawing, incense smoke, amethysts and sapphires on the yak skull, and brings her own interpretation on the ancient traditional practice of embellished or painted yak skull that are still commonly found in Lhasa, Tibet today.

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Chai Yiming

Chen Xiaobing

Dai Mouyu

Im juri

Liu Chuyun

Mo Di

Wang Dawei

Wang Xieda

Xu Ke


近几年来,中国当代纸本作品在国内与国外的艺术品市场上持续走俏。这不仅仅是由于其较为平易近人的整体风格以及能让更多人承受的了的价格。我们更能看到,在现代电子艺术作品盛行的情况之下,传统架上绘画形式回归的艺术趋势。纸本作品更让人感受到一股直接来自艺术家思想与创作过程的力量,更加零距离的去体会。这一次的纸本群展集合了非青计划的多位重要艺术家,不仅有年轻的80后艺术家们如王大卫,陈笑冰,莫頔与Imjuri,还有已经具有一定知名度的成熟艺术家像柴一茗,徐可与戴牟雨。此次展览非青计划也与James Cohan画廊合作,展出了王燮达与刘楚筠的三件作品。













Im juri