Galaxy – Li Xinhui Solo Exhibition 星河-李新辉个人展


Opening Event: 5-7PM, August 18th, 2013
Exhibition: August 20th – September 12th , 2013
开幕酒会:2013年8月18日 5-7点

FQ Projects is very pleased to present artist Li Xinhui’s solo exhibition: Galaxy . This exhibition celebrates Li Xinhui’s 20th year of his STAR creation along with his solo show in Da Shi Guan in Shanghai.

Li Xinhui said that “With the passage of time, I slowly stopped trying to get the answer of every single question, but I still believed those answers reside in each flickering star.  Every time I took a stick or a rock and drew stars on the red mud, or white sand, on purple cliffs or on cement floors, the mysterious and serene stars would give me a feeling of peace and security.  Placing myself within them, it seems I also became serene and transparent.” Xinhui’s stars use extremely pure colors and seemingly release blazing waves of endless energy. The waves of light flow outwards with the image starting from nowhere and following an invisible track to its origin. The figurative stars are transferred to abstract elements and follow the deepest feeling in his mind. He uses this type of most simple medium to communicate with himself and the world.

This exhibition presents Li Xinhui’s early works  “Hemp” series and “Galaxy” series. These two series, one happened in the turning period when high art meets rebellion; one discusses relationship between individual and collective. All of these works talk to the later Star series that had been developing the last twenty years, they presents a true and honest Li Xinhui. He uses art as a way to widen self awareness, to know and understand himself while he creates art. He takes art as a depuration of the world and a cure of the spirit, slowly, he feels tranquil and happy. All the conflicts that he argued and explored for decades finally have been settled down and being used freely between western and eastern culture.

“When I paint the stars, the starting and the ending point are inevitable, but only the ‘beamline’ of the star released fascinates me.” Li Xinhui said. During the two decade artistic career, it makes people feel the practice and experience gained in the journey are more valuable than the mere final result.

Li Xinhui was born in Kunming in 1970.  He is the first generation of Chinese contemporary art in Yuan Ming Yuan in late 80s. This current exhibition is his first solo respective exhibition in Shanghai and Guangzhou in 2013. He participated in ”Collectors Nominatio” exhibition and “old friend party” group exhibition in 2012, the 2011 “international Art Exchange with Feijia village” and “The Spring of North Europe and Chinese Star Comprehensive”,  “Trust-911 Joint”, “Beyond Painting”, “Trace Painting” art exhibition in Nova Art Space. He planned and host “Yuanmingyuan Modern Youth Art” respective exhibition.  He has a solo show in Gallery of Modern Art in Beijing and participated in “Chinese Modern Art” Joint Exhibition in Brussels.

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