Here, there, where? – Sim Chan, Sun Yu dual exhibition

Jun 27th, 2010 – Aug 29th, 2010
Opening Reception: Jun 26th, Sat 4-8pm
开幕式:2010年6月26日 周六 下午 4 – 8 点
时间: 11 – 7 周三~周日, 周四晚至 9时

FQ projects is pleased to present you an exhibition “Here, there, where?”, featuring oil paintings of two post 80’s artists, Sim Chan and Sun Yu. They both explore the nature of human existence through drawing and try to explain the relationship between man and architecture (the material world) and that between human and self (the inner world).

Sun Yu exploits his excellent painting techniques in the unfashionable field of portraiture. He vividly catches the emotional sensation of the subjects and draws them on canvas to convey the ephemeral feeling to viewers, enabling the subjects to become lifelike and communicate with viewers. The people and scene in his paintings don’t have any concrete indications. With vague backgrounds and faces frequently used, the realistic parts such as an expression in one’s eye or a movement of the subject become prominent. Happiness, aspiration, loneliness, sorrow and unrestraint, these delicate emotions are common in the life of youngsters in 80’s but they want to cover them up from being known by other people. Now Sun Yu has reproduced them in the form of art, using his paintings as a mirror to evoke the true internal resonance in viewer’s heart. As we all know, the emotion of modern people is a reflex of social and economic environment. Sun Yu sincerely depicts the helplessness and emptiness of spiritual world which he and his peers share by exploring the subtlety and fineness of inner world. Just as he maintains, time is invisible but can be felt clearly and definitely, only among the invisible time can the emotion be outstanding. Although time elapses and everything changes, we may experience some moments we once had, the same as the subjects have in Sun’s paintings. Viewers will find underlying self in Sun Yu’s painting, it is a quick look of the secret space hidden in one’s heart.

Sim Chan, a young artist grown up in Hong Kong, using his paintings to convey people’s cravings for meaning of life in the high-industrialized and agitated city. Twisted, distorted buildings and clothes stands, tattered windows and signboards, entangled telegraph poles and wires in his paintings are true and ugly proof for human existence. Contrast with the poetic and beautiful sky, they show that people’s yearning for beauties is being perished by the harsh facts bit by bit. City is the bearer of life, architectures consist of the outline of city. Living in the hasty and complicated city, people are overloaded with work, hurry on the seemingly no-ending road, lead the numb life day by day. Unconsciously, they lose their motives to find the meaning of life and become a generation of confusion and mediocrity. The sky in Sim’s paintings is immense and beautiful, but the closely surrounding building bulks always remind us: no matter how appealing the sky will be, people’s lives are constrained to one little circle. The sense of human existence is such a kind of weak and vulnerable thing.

Both artists’ works portray the angst of the human condition in an urban environment and reflect on the essential human nature in current times. Which one to choose?  To submit to the arrangements of reality or listen to the words coming from our own heart? When would the meaning of life shed light to us? These are all the questions this exhibition will set us thinking.

Sun Yu, born in 1982, Jilin Province, currently works and lives in Guangzhou and Beijing. He graduated from oil painting department of Guangzhou Fine Art Institute in 2009. His works have been selected into domestic important art exhibitions for many times, such as The National Art Museum of China “Chinese Oil Painting Sketch Works Exposition”in 2008, The Campus Gallery of Guangzhou Fine Art Institute “Lingnan Young Artist Oil Painting Exhibition” in 2007 and “The Oil Painting Works Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary University Student” in 2006.

Sim Chan, born in 1987, Hong Kong, currently works and lives in Beijing and Hong Kong. He graduated from Hong Kong Fine Art Institute in 2008, obtained the “Hong Kong Excellent Contemporary Artist” Award in 2009, “Best Works of Hong Kong Art Institute” in 2008, has participated in many exhibitions in Hong Kong and Chinese Mainland. It’s the first time for both artists to hold exhibition in Shanghai.

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两位艺术家的作品都描绘了生存在都市中的人们的焦虑不安,同时也反映了现今社会里最本质的人性。我们是迷茫地跟从现实的安排,还是反省着再次聆听内心的独白,人生的意义又将在何处显现, 这些都是本次展品让人深思的问题。






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