Hong Kong International Art Fair 2012


Hong Kong International Art Fair 2012
17-20 May, 2012
Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

FQ Projects is delighted to announce our participation in Art HK 2012. In this show we will present the work of two young artists, Sun Yu and Chen Xiao Bing. Both graduated from the Guangzhou Art Academy, Sun Yu currently lives and works in Beijing, whilst Chen Xiao Bing remains in Guangdong.

Sun Yu exploits his excellent painting techniques in an unfashionable field of portraiture. He vividly captures the emotional sensations of his subjects and draws them on canvas to convey the ephemeral feeling to viewers, enabling the subjects to become lifelike and communicate with the audience.

Chen Xiao Bing is a very talented young girl and just 23 years. Her works are made by woodcut and depict the stories about her daily life. Besides woodcut, she still uses kinds of other materials that can be easily found in the daily life like colorful thread and little sequin to decorate her works. Works from her hand becomes very un-traditional yet different from the traditional woodcut works one often sees.

  • Chen Xiaobing-Lost02,2009,140x130cm,B&W woodcut & sequin bead_300dpi
  • IMG_2267_300dpi
  • IMG_2271_300dpi
  • Extreme Penalty,2011,120x90cm,oil on canvas
  • SUN YU-Quiet As Water,2011,80x120cm,oil on canvas
  • SUN YU-Nothing Concerned,2011,120x80cm,oil on canvas-2
  • Sun Yu-Engrave,2011,15x15cm,oil on canvas
  • SUN YU-Waiting,2011,20x20cm,oil on canvas