Impetus – Dai Mouyu Solo Exhibition 荷尔蒙 戴牟雨 个展


12 Apr 2009 – 11 Jun 2009 / FQ Projects Opening Reception: Apr 11 Sat 4pm
展期:  二零零九年四月十二日 至 二零零九年六月十一日 开幕式: 二零零九年四月十一日 周六 下午四点

Dai Mouyu’s works on paper consist of two parts: Photography and Drawing. Photography has a long relationship with painting since it was invented in the 19th century. While there is similarity between western painting and photography, such as the recording of events, pictorial elements, use of perspective and the pursuit of reality; In the East, painting and photography are distinct as eastern painting usually sets out to capture one’s spiritual world, yet the principle of photography is its materialism. In contrast Dai Mouyu produces sensitive and abstract works with both drawing and photography, the artworks containing the same substance although differing in form.

Mouyu says that only by combining these two art forms can he be in balance. His photography tends to be more sensitive, while his drawing has a surface sensitivity that belies an underlying strong rationality. At first glance at Mouyu’s drawings, one may feel his strong emotion and sensitivity, after a while, one can start to be immersed within his work and see the different world, either from a micro or macro perspective, and start to wonder the truth within the universe. “Hormone”, derived from a Greek word “impetus”, meaning “rouse” or “excite”, Mouyu ‘s drawings are kind of similar to this scientific activity of cells and variations in molecular structure, capturing the moments that impetus hidden inside of the stillness, and any second to be explode .

The artist studies the relationship between movement and stillness, invisible inside and visible surface, peace and danger to discover the universal truth. The spectator can imagine how much the sense of order, the ability of analysis, rigorous, patient and penetrating the artist needs to complete these artworks. This almost obsessive compulsive attention to detail can drive the artist mad thus drawing him to the use of the modern device of photography for the visible side of his artwork to keep himself balanced. However it is hard to mark the difference between his drawing and photography works in terms of the art works’ content.

Dai Mouyu was born in Guangdong province in 1975 and now lives and works in Shanghai. His photography work has been exhibited in several major exhibitions: Lianzhou International Photography Festival, Guangzhou Photography Biannual, Taipei MoCA, Shanghai Duolun Art Museum, Shanghai Art Museum etc. FQ Projects is delighted to show his photography work and his new drawings.

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Dai Mouyu

戴牟雨的纸上作品分为摄影和绘画两部分。摄影自十九世纪发明以来,就一直和绘画有着纠结不清的关系。西方的绘画和摄影存在一致性:对于事件的记录、描绘、透视的运用以及对真实性的追求等等;在东方,绘画和摄影则有很大差异,东方绘画的主旨在于描述精神世界,而摄影的根本是其唯物性。牟雨的摄影却是其绘画的表象,和他的绘画实质上如出一辙,只是形式不同。 牟雨称自己只有游刃于两者之间才能感觉平衡。他的摄影作品趋于感性,绘画则是在感性的外衣下深藏理性。初看画作,能感受到艺术家强烈的情绪,在细看良久后又能感受到作品内的理性以及艺术家对宇宙万物的思考——从微观入手表现宏观。荷尔蒙,即激素, “激素”一词又来源于希腊文,意为“奋起”或“激起”。戴牟雨的绘画如同生物细胞的兴奋活动或分子结构的变异,在表面静止、不动声色的事物下,暗藏着汹涌的动势,随时随地、一触即发。 艺术家想表达的是以动与静、深层与表面、平和与危境之间的微秒关系来探求万物的真理。由此观者可以想象艺术家创作这些画作的时候所需具备的条理性、分析能力、耐力和穿透力,那是置人于疯狂的,以至于他需要用相对简便、快速的摄影创作方式来完成他画作的表象以取得平衡。从实质意义来说,他的作品已难在摄影和绘画之间划分界限。 戴牟雨1975年生于广东,现生活工作于上海。其摄影作品曾参加过数届连洲摄影节、广州摄影双年展、台北当代艺术馆、多伦当代艺术新锐展、上海美术馆“果冻时代”当代艺术巡回展等。此次他的绘画作品是第二次在非青计划展览。



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