Li Xinhui & Mou Huan: Journey 李新辉、牟桓:旅程


Exhibition Duration: 22 Apr 2012 – 31 May 2012
Opening Reception: 21 Apr Sat 5-7pm
展期:  二零一二年四月二十二日 至 二零一二年五月三十一日
开幕式:  二零一二年四月二十一日 周六 下午五点到七点

FQ Projects is pleased to present works by Mou Huan and Li Xinhui. They were both born in South West China and their journey through life has now brought them to working in Beijing in the same art village but without knowing each other.

Li Xinhui has been painting stars for the last ten years. He was a founding member of the Yuanmingyuan artist community, and a forerunner within the avant-garde. In his early art career, he used various wasted material to create his artwork representing a statement of environmental intent. After a process of struggling, deep thought, maturity, and stability, he then went back to concentrating on the surface itself to explore what a paintbrush and color can do on a surface. Now he uses exquisite feelings and bold strokes to proclaim the hope and beauty in both man and nature. Li Xinhui’s star paintings create illusions with their use of light and paint, which draws viewers into a splendid other space of innocence and happiness.

Mou Huan moved from Chengdu in China and lived in Germany from the early 1990’s to late 2006. His paintings reflect his life experience throughout the two different cultures. Influenced by the German expressionist abstract painting style his human forms developed from figurative to abstracted forms, today he uses color blocks to portray the complexity of the human form and movement. His color palette also tends to be singular but in different tones. Mou Huans’ new works continue his journey of interpreting the human form and recording the complicated interaction between the subject and it’s interaction with the environment it exists within.

Li Xinhui was born in Kunming in 1970. He participated in collectors nomination exhibition in 2012, the 2011 international Art Exchange with Feijia village and the spring of North Europe and Chinese Star Comprehensive Art Exhibition in Nova Art Space. He planned and host Yuanmingyuan Modern Youth Art Roving Exhibition.  He has a solo show in Gallery of Modern Art in Beijing and participated in Joint Exhibition of Chinese Modern Art in Brussels.

Mou Huan was born in Chengdu in 1958. From 1997 to 2000 he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Duesseldorf. He lives and works in Duesseldorf and Beijing now. He had solo show in Duolun Museum of Modern Art in Shanghai, Goethe Institute of Bremen and recently in Valencia Museum of Art (IVAM) in Spain. He participated 4th Egyptian International Print exhibition, state of North Rhine-Winter Art Exhibition, the 7th Chinese National Art Exhibition, first Chinese Oil Paintings Exhibition of 90’s, Los Angeles Exhibition Tour and other domestic and international exhibition.

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李新辉,1970年出生于昆明。 2012年参加《中国当代艺术年鉴》收藏家提名展;于NOVA艺术空间策划主办《费家村2011国际艺术交流展》、《北欧艺术之春与中国之星》;策划、主办《圆明园当代艺术巡回展》;于北京当代美术馆举办《李新辉作品展》并参加布鲁塞尔的《中国当代艺术联展》。牟桓,1958年生于成都,1997至2000 年于杜塞尔多夫艺术学院学习,现生活及工作在德国杜塞尔多夫和北京。牟桓在上海多伦现代美术馆、德国不来梅的歌德学院以及最近的西班牙瓦伦西亚现代艺术博物馆(IVAM)等举办个展,参加过中国上海现代油画精品展、第4届国际版画展与国际当代艺术展、北莱茵州冬季艺术大展、全国第七届美术作品展、九十年代中国油画第一回展、美国洛杉矶等地巡回展等国内外多项展览。




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