Look! My face – Im Juri, Mo Di, Wang Tingting Exhibition

5 Sep 2010 – 4 Nov 2010
Opening Reception: Sep 4 Sat 5pm-8pm
展期:  二零一零年九月五日 至 二零一零年十一月四日
开幕式: 二零一零年九月四日 周六 下午五点到八点

Hey, Girl! To face this complicated world, the reality that you actually live in, what kind of face would you choose?

Like the blooming flowers that Im Juri paints—shameless, swift, and proud. Or as Mo Di’s girl, immersing in her own sad but dreamful world. Or being carefree and individual as in Wang Tingting’s work? Which one is the real you, or has every fragment once been you.

Happy, sad, unruly, self-mocking, angry, every face is a gesture to deal with this world. The exhibition: “Look! My face” is the self proclamation of three contemporary young female artists: Im Juri -from Korea, Mo Di-from Guangzhou and Wang Tingting-from local Shanghai. They use their art to express and figure out their independent female attitude through a unique female view point.

The decade of 1960’s saw an explosion of liberation among which a new force was quietly sprouting, Simone de Beauvoir’s vision was realised with her work Le deuxieme sexe (the second sex). The heavy hand of patriarchal society was questioned and this brought a strong and powerful declaration of change and then gradually spread new ideas and concepts of Feminism. The trend was to spark a revolution and inject an unprecedented energy into women’s art. Nowadays female artists have redrawn their coordinates in the world, independence and liberty, which are the way they attempt to find identity.

The theme of flowers always runs through Im Juri’s art works, like a mirror it reflects her past and recalls the desires of life. In Im Juri’s opinion historically the male, based on his desire for the female form, determines the way in which the female is perceived, thereby reducing her role to one of passivity and pleasure. Because of this idea Im Juri creates an image of an independent woman. She constantly keeps juggling and splitting herself into two halves in reality, as “the subject seeing” and “the object being seen”. The combination of flower face and female body that she uses are to some extent showing an alienation of self and world. The pain and self-awareness in this process is repeated. Meanwhile her works reveal her own understanding of love; like a self portrait; “I’m a flower, I’m a flower with a short-life, Beautiful but brutal, I’m a flower with a short life, sinuosity with fragrance, in disapproval of one’s weakness, I’m a flower that is brutal and furious, fading in vain, I’m a hopeless flower. ….So do love me.’

Mo Di, in contrast to Im Juri’s flowers, uses the tree as a media to tell a story of injury and comfort. The works in a group formed by four oval shaped paintings show a wounded girl hiding her fear under the pine needles, although suffering brought tears another part of this girl still has the courage to go out and face her world. It reveals, happy does not equal happiness, pain does not mean misfortune; the real brave soul brings the power of comfort. The girl in Mo Di’s painting finds herself in unhappiness she finds hope in the face of adversity. Understanding and honest are the way modern females face inner-self and outside world and is also the theme in Mo Di’s works.

A new Wang Tingting with a changed style for this exhibition brings different elements to the viewer. A set of simplified portraits reflects the status of young women in our modern society. Some of them restrained proud and unruly, some gentle and tender, some cheerful and lively, some revealing personality and individuality. Each one promotes a Chinese girl in an independent attitude to life. While in another group of watercolor works, girls are the embodiment of the wizard appears in the dream. They have bleak and covered eyes and the determination of against to the world. It implies girls’ particular sensitive. By another hand it showing girls open mind, they share the inner-self and bravely face the cruel but wonderful world.

Im Juri, born in the 1980, Seoul, Korea obtained a sculpture MFA in Women’s access university of fine arts. She held solo exhibitions in PYO Gallery and Gana Art Space, she was also involved in the Gwangju Biennale and had over 30 group exhibitions in Korea and China. Mo Di, Born in 1987, living and working in Guangzhou graduated from the oil painting department of Guangzhou Fine art institute in 2009. Now she is doing a MFA there. She has had exhibitions in Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Shanghai already. Wang TingTing, born in 1981, Shanghai graduated from Shanghai Normal University, Academy of Fine Arts in Professional custom painting and oil painting Master degree. This is the 4th time her works have been shown in FQ Projects.

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Im Juri

Mo Di

Wang Tingting

嗨,女孩,你将用怎样的脸去面对这个纷繁复杂的世界呢?是像 Im Juri笔下不羁而兀自盛放的花朵,还是如莫頔画中那种悲伤背后长久的自呓,抑或是王婷婷笔下充满不屑眼神的少女,哪一个才是真实的你,或者每一个都曾是瞬间的你。快乐、悲伤、不屑、自嘲、愤怒、不羁,每一张脸都是对待这个世界的姿态,《瞧!我的脸》正是以这样的姿态向人们展现当今年轻女性艺术家的自我宣言,来自韩国的艺术家Im Juri, 与来自广州的艺术家莫頔 ,还有上海本土艺术家王婷婷,三人共同以她们自我独特的女性视角去表达和塑造属于女性的独立姿态。


花朵的主题一直贯穿于Im Juri的作品中,如同一面镜子一样映照出她的过去、记忆与对生活的渴望。在Im Juri的理解中,传统的男性观者视角,建立在欲望的基础上,充满了情色的意味,而使女性降低为一种被动取悦的角色。正因为如此,Im Juri试图重建一种独立的女性形象,她把现实中的自我分为两个独立的部分,“观者”与“被观者”,花朵脸和女性身体的结合在某种程度上表现出了她对自我与世界的疏离感。痛苦和自我觉醒在这一过程中反复出现,折射于平日点滴的记述中,同时她的作品中也透露出她对爱的理解,正如她的自我叙述中写到的那样“我是一朵花,美丽却也无情,生命是如此短暂。尽管有着迷人的香氛但也长着让人疼痛的刺,我是一朵多么冷漠而狂暴的花阿。枉然消失的生命,是如此地让人绝望。所以,请一定这样爱着我。”

与Im Juri兀自盛放的花朵不同的是,莫頔用树作为载体来讲述一个伤害与慰藉的故事。一组由四个椭圆形画组成的作品中,受了伤的女孩将自己的恐惧藏于层层松树叶的遮掩下,而另一半的自己却勇敢地走出去面对伤害,尽管她的眼中仍有痛苦所带来的泪水。正如快乐不等同于幸福,痛苦也不等同于不幸,慰藉来源于心灵勇敢的力量,莫頔的女孩从伤害中收获了自我,从逆境中看到了希望。理解与坦诚相对是当代女性对待自我与外界伤害的方式,也是她作品中试图诠释的主旨。


Im Juri, 1980年生韩国首尔人,2008年获得韩国诚信女子大学美术学院雕塑专业MFA学位。在首尔PYO画廊和Gana Art Space举办过多次个展,并曾参与韩国光州双年展、中国等地30余次联展。莫頔,1987年生于中国广东,2009年毕业于广州美术学院油画系学士,现就读于广州美术学院油画系硕士,在香港、广州及上海参与过多次联展。王婷婷,1981年生于中国上海


Im Juri