Lumen Prize Exhibition


Exhibition duration: 23 Feb – 3 Mar, 2013
International tour of Digital Fine Art Group Exhibition AT FQ Projects, Shanghai
流明数码艺术奖项国际巡回展 — 第三站:上海非青计划


The Lumen Prize Exhibition – a global tour of 50 juried works of digital fine art – will start travelling the world in January 2013, appearing in top venues around the globe. The tour kicks off in London’s Gallery 27, Cork Street, London. FQ Projects is honoured to hold the third stop in Shanghai from 23rd Feb to 3rd Mar.

On display will be the 50 works chosen by the Lumen Prize judges from over 500 submissions from all over the world, including the three top Lumen Prize winners. The works will be displayed on HD large-scale screens and projectors as well as tablets. Limited digital and print editions of the works will be available for purchase.

Set up to promote digital fine art globally, the Lumen Prize Exhibition, after London, will also travel to venues and galleries in Latvia, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Cardiff as part of its first worldwide tour.

“We were stunned by the quality of work, which the Jury Panel selected for this exhibition, as well as the incredible range of nationalities represented,” says Lumen Prize CEO, Carla Rapoport. Artists selected for the Exhibition come from 13 countries – including Iran, Pakistan, Israel and China.

The Lumen Prize Exhibition has been organized by a group of professionals with experience from British Museum, Sotheby’s Institute of Art, New York University, and The Financial Times. Special advisors include Lord Stevenson, former Chancellor of the University of the Arts and the Jury Panel includes Gordon Young, prize-winning UK artist and Ivor Davies, President of the Royal Cambrian Academy. The prize’s supporters include the City of Cardiff, Nomad Brush and Ricoh.

Proceeds from the competition, after costs, are being donated to support the vital work of Peace Direct, a global charity that supports local peace builders in conflict zones worldwide.

– Lumen Prize Exhibition works can be viewed on the Lumen website at
– David Hockney’s exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts earlier this year – which prominently featured art created digitally – was visited by half a million people.
– The world’s first secondary market in digital art was launched in November 2011 by UK-based Sedition Art (
– The British Museum has collected digitally created fine art, including a work by Yang Yongliang, a Shanghai-based artist and member of the Lumen Jury Panel. Lumen CEO, Carla Rapport, is the director of Treberfydd Foundation, the social enterprise launching the prize.
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The Lumen Prize Exhibition, owned and operated by Treberfydd Foundation. Registered Company No. 07865132. Registered in Wales. Limited by Guarantee. Registered Office: Treberfydd House, Llangasty, Brecon, Powys, Wales, LD3 7PX.

The Lumen Prize数码艺术国际巡回展已于2013年1月开展,50件精挑细选的新媒体艺术作品将在世界各地顶尖场馆展出。巡回展的第一站已于上月在伦敦Cork街Gallery 27成功开幕并在展览期间受到关注和好评。现已经在伦敦结束首站之旅,并将在拉脱维亚,上海,香港及加的夫继续展览。非青计划很荣幸地将作为Lumen Prize第三站的上海展出空间展览,展期为2月23日(周六)至3月3日(周日)。

参展的50幅作品由Lumen Prize的评委们从来自于世界各地超过500幅的候选作品中挑选出来,其中包括3位Lumen Prize一,二,三等奖获得者的作品。作品将会通过各种数码媒介展出,譬如数字电视,数码投影及iPad and iPhone。另有参展作品的收藏级热压打印限量版出售。

Lumen Prize的首席执行官Carla Rapoport女士感叹道:“我们对于选拔出的作品质量之高,以及参展艺术家所代表的国家和地区之广而欣喜不已。”参展艺术家来自13个不同国家及地区,包括伊朗,巴基斯坦,以色列和中国等。

Lumen Prize由一群实力雄厚的业界专业人士组织,人员来自大英博物馆,苏富比艺术学院,纽约大学,以及伦敦金融时报。特约顾问包括了前艺术学院院长Lord Stevenson。评选委员会有知名英国艺术家Gordon Young,和皇家威尔士学院校长Ivor Davies。该奖项的支持者中有加的夫城市, Nomad Brush和Ricoh。

奖项产生的销售收益将捐献给慈善机构Peace Direct,旨在支持世界范围内纷争地区的和平事业。

登陆 可查看Lumen Prize 国际巡回展的参展作品。
– 今年年初的David Hockey在皇家艺术学院的展览吸引了50万人参观,展出作品主要为数码艺术。
– 世界首个数码艺术二级市场于2011年11月由在英国的Sedition Art拉开序幕。(网站
– 大英博物馆收藏了数码艺术,其中包括上海艺术家杨泳梁的作品。该艺术家同时也是Lumen Prize的评委之一。
– Lumen 的首席执行官Carla Rapport, 也是Treberfydd基金会的总监, 该基金会帮助成了了Lumen Prize奖项。
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