Mirror and Light FQ Projects Group Show

Mirror and Light FQ Projects Exhibition

Exhibition duration: 2015.03.31 – 2015.05.15

 展期:2015年3月31日- 2015 年 5月15日


Mirror and Light

In recent years, the proportion of easel painting in large exhibitions or international art fairs is becoming increasingly smaller. In contrast, conceptual and cross-media art works far outnumber works of painting.

This group exhibition of FQ Projects includes various forms of painting, like a small “art fair”. At the same time, FQ Projects asked artists about their opinions on the above-mentioned trend and the relationship between painting and contemporary art. The exhibition shows paintings of different media in different spaces, leading viewers and artists to think together.

Chai Yiming: Painting and contemporary art are like a divorced couple about to re-marry. The relationship between the two is decided by supply and demand in the market. This is a studying subject for art historians instead of artists.

Chen Nong: Easel painting is one of the many art forms among the more unconstrained forms nowadays. But we cannot classify art works into dated and outdated. Great art is great not only in the times of its creation. Time does not matter but the essence of art.

Chen Xiaobing: Contemporary art is the idea of the new age, that can express artists’ thoughts more directly. Painting is the traditional art form, is the indispensable base of modern art. The two should be in harmony and promote each other.

Dai Mouyu: For me, painting is a very personal choice and I’ve kept painting all these years. I feel that painting is an inward art form,very attached with the individual person.

Gao Feng: Conceptual and cross-media art forms are inevitable results of new technology and trend of thoughts. These new forms can in turn bring unprecedented stimulation and even chances of reborn for easel painting.

Mo Di: Art is just a way I chose. When someday I no longer feel satisfied, I will probably seek other way to express myself.

Xu Ke : Painting is my chosen means of pleasure when I spend time alone.

Mou Huan: Painting is just one of the various art forms in contemporary art. Whether artists can express themselves successfully with new media should be proved by their works.

Shi Yan: Painting is something with warmth, something that breathes slowly. It is a pillow for us to have a rest during this fast-paced age.

Wang Dawei: The small portion of painting in modern art exhibitions is the same issue as the monopoly of painting in auctions.

Wang Tingting: In my opinion, no matter how art forms evolve, easel painting will continue to exist and be used by artists.

Yansha Zian: Painting has its own charm and significance, and it is a good way of expression.

“ Every piece of art involves four elements: the work, the artist, the world and the viewers.”—-Abrams

Welcome to FQ Projects’ world of “Mirror and Light”.










莫頔 :对于我来说 绘画只是我选择的一种方式。也许在某一天,我觉得绘画无法满足我的表达,我也许也会探寻其他更适合的表达方式。

徐可 :绘画之于我是独处时选择的一种消遣方式。









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