My Dream is a Cage – Mo Di Solo Exhibition 制作茧的人——莫頔个展

e-invitation - 副本
Opening:4 – 7pm Saturday, April 22nd 2017
Exhibition: April 19th – June 30th 2017
开幕酒会 : 2017年4月22日 4 – 7pm
展览时间:2017年4月23日 – 2017年6月30日

FQ Projects is pleased to present the young artist Mo Di’s first solo exhibition in Shanghai: My Dream is a Cage.

Looking at her works, whether the little girl or the empty botanic garden, there is a strong force attracting the viewers to go into the paintings.

Mo Di sees Louise Bourgeois as her idol, and agrees that art is a process of knowing oneself. Deng Jian, her mentor in her university once said: “People spend their whole life looking for sense of security. Do not lose yourself for a man, a woman or a certain type of lifestyle .”。

Constantly seeking the way to get along with herself, adjusting the position of herself, makes her able to build a safe wall to interact with people, the outside world and everything unknown. This is to understand from within and then to understand the world, that is shown in her artworks.

This is also the first exhibition showing Mo Di’s works on canvas at FQ Projects. Her personal style is particularly reflected in her use of light whether it is the strong contrast of light and darkness in The Entrance of Dream and Monologue, the shaky light in Ritual or the halo spreading the whole image in Lost River. Over the last two years, symmetry and mirroring have been often used, as in the works My Dream is a Cage and Wonderland. Her vision is extremely dreamlike, inviting viewers to go inside, into a infinite deep space. We fear of falling in, yet do not want to escape.

By creating The Entrance of Dream, Mo Di declares that she is at another stage in her life, like opening a new entrance. In this work, a group of females sits together around the bonfire, reminding people of a witch rally. Starting from The VVitch series, the artist pays attention to the stigmatization of female and thus begins her constant exploration and reflection on this issue.

Mo Di was born in Guangzhou, Guangdong, in 1987. She achieved a master’s degree from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, Oil Painting Department. Her works have been
displayed in several exhibitions : The Entrance of Dream – Mo Di solo exhibition, Hi Art Center, Beijing; Dazzled and Enchanted–New Age Animamix, Guangdong Museum of Art, Guangzhou; Papierarbeiten aus Südchina, Galerie z, Austria; Unseen Mist – SHI Yan, MO Di Dual Exhibition,FQ Projects, Shanghai and Bloom in Gloom–Emerging Talents from China, gallery EXIT, Hong Kong among others.



莫頔视路易斯·布尔乔亚(Louise Bourgeois)为偶像,认为艺术就是一个自我认知的过程。她的大学导师邓箭今先生曾说过一句话对她影响至深:“人的一辈子都在寻找自己的安全感;不要为了一个男人或一个女人或一种生活而忘记你自己”。

这样不断地思考和寻找“我”和自己相处的方式,不断地调整“我”和自己的位置,让莫頔得以建立一个安全的围墙去与“我”之外的人、“我” 之外的世界、以及一切未知的其他相处——观内而观世界。而这一切都体现在了她的画笔之下

本次展览也是非青计划第一次展示莫頔的布面作品,其布面作品的个人风格尤为体现在对光线的运用,《梦的入口》和《独角戏》中黑暗中光束的高强度对比;《仪式》中摇晃的光线;《Lost River》中撒满整个画面的光晕等。在近两年的作品中,莫頔还较多地利用了对称或镜像的手法,比如作品《制作茧的人》、《Wonderland》,画面一如往常的梦幻至极,引人入内——像是进入到一处无限之境的空间,深不见底,唯恐跌入,却又不想逃脱。

借用《梦的入口》这幅作品,莫頔向自己宣布她的生活进入了另一个阶段,就好像是打开了一个新的入口。这张画所呈现的图像是一群女性围坐在篝火的情节,很容易让人联想到女巫集会,到《The VVitch》这系列的作品时,莫頔所关注的问题是对于女性的污名化,也就此开始了她对这一话题持续性的探索和思考。

莫頔,1987年出生于广东省广州市,毕业于广州美术学院油画系硕士,曾参与“梦的入口——莫頔个展”,Hi艺术中心,北京;“目眩神迷——新时代动漫美学展”,广东美术馆,广州;“看不见的细雨”施彦、莫頔 双个展,非青计划,上海;”“Papierarbeiten aus Südchina-Galerie z”,奥地利 ;“伤花怒放-中国年轻艺术家作品展”,安全口画廊,香港 等展览。

  • 制作茧的人 2013 布面油画 180×220cm
  • 梦的入口 2013 布面油画 180×220cm
  • 闪电 2015 布面油画 80×100cm
  • 独角戏 2014 布面油画 180×220cm
  • Wonder Land 2015 布面油画 170×270cm
  • Tree House 2014 布面油画 50×40cm
  • 植物园4 2014 布面油画 30×40cm
  • 植物园2 2014 布面油画 30×40cm
  • 植物园1 2014 布面油画 30×40cm
  • 植物园3 2014 布面油画 30×40cm
  • 洞穴 2014 布面油画 40×30cm
  • Lost River 2015 布面油画 60×100cm
  • THE WITCH 100x150cm 布面油画 2017
  • 黑暗中漫舞 2015 布面油画 80×100cm
  • 仪式 2015 布面油画 40×50cm
  • Responsibility 纸本水墨 14×21cm 2016
  • 海与星辰 纸本水墨 14×21cm*2 2016
  • Race 纸本水墨 14×21cm 2016
  • 一段路 纸本水墨 14×21cm 2016
  • U 纸本水墨 14×21cm 2016
  • RUN 纸本水墨 14×21cm 2016  
  • 排列 纸本水墨 14×21cm 2016
  • boat 纸本水墨14×21cm 2016
  • 落水 纸本水彩 14×21cm 2016
  • 楼梯 纸本水彩 14×21cm 2016
  • 3 relationship 3 14×21cm 2016
  • 2 relationship 2 14×21cm 2016
  • Relationship 4 14×21cm 2016
  • Relationship 14×21cm 2016