Obsessive Minds – Works on Paper


02 Mar – 13 Apr 2008 / FQ Projects
Private View: 01 March Saturday 2008 1-7pm
展期:  二零零八年三月二日 至 四月十三日
开幕式: 二零零八年三月一日 星期六 下午 一点至七点

FQ Projects is pleased to present Obsessive Minds – Dai Mouyu, Im Juri and Wang Ying’s works on paper.  With the artists coming from different backgrounds, this exhibition showcases the artists’ exploration of their inner worlds, reflecting on paper the different socio-cultural imprints of them.

Dai Mouyu was born in GuangdongProvince in China, graduated from GuangzhouFineArtAcademy and ended up being a young rising photographic artist. However, his passion for drawing and the talent he shows in his works hasn’t been fully recognised. His drawings resonate a seemingly poetic peaceful zen-like feeling and yet somehow one feels danger and unsettled behind it at the same time. He turns the ordinary mundane objects into most emotional mediums through his drawings.  The momentary exaggeration allows his obsession bursting with a rich sensational perception to the world he sees.

Im Juri is a Korean artist who explores the relationship within herself and femininity as a young woman.  She uses very fine lines to portray herself with a flower face in dream-like yet simple scenarios. Sometimes funny, sometimes violent, but the flowery face and pinky fleshy background colour always stay the same. The petit size of the work, the exquisite lines and carefully coloured patterns shows Im Juri’s almost mad obsession of one’s inner complex thoughts. Hence they penetrate quietly into viewers’ minds.

Wang Ying is a woman of her own world. With her origins in Sichuan but having lived in Germany for ten years her paintings are fragments of her life and the imaginings from them. Painting and drawing occupies her whole world and her subjects are from her world too. They are gifted with a sense of spiritual magic which is fresh, interesting and unexpected. She goes beyond the constraints of the academic artistic stereotype, the style endows her work with a free “cardiogram pattern” where untraceable lines and her unique colour palette bring people into Wang Ying’s fantasy world to feel the pure freedom. Early surrealism and the theory of Psychic Automatism, ‘being free from control of reasons, independent of any aesthetic or moral preoccupation to discover the innocence of the real process of thought’ with continual lines, is the best annotation of her paintings.

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Dai Mouyu

Im Juri

Wang Ying

非青计划很高兴推出“迷”- 戴牟雨,IM JURI和王鹰的纸上作品展。来自不同地域的三位艺术家以挖掘其内心感受表现了不同的文化社会时代背景对于他们的印记。


IM JURI是一位来自韩国的艺术家。作为一个年青女性,探索她自己和女性意义的关系成为她作品迷恋的主题。她用非常精细的笔触描绘了一张又一张有着花的脸庞的自画像,置于简单又梦魇般的场景。有时有趣,有时暴力,而花朵的脸庞和粉红肉色的背景始终如一。作品以其娇小的尺幅,精细的线条和细心彩绘的色块反映了IM JURI近乎神经质的复杂敏锐的内心世界。进而安静而强烈的穿刺于观者的神经。

王鹰是一个属于生活在她自己世界里的人。出生于四川,旅德十年,她的作品是她的生活片断和她与生活片段产生幻想的产物。绘画填满了她的生活,而生活提供了她绘画的素材。在王鹰的眼里笔下,平常之物幻变成别人眼中新鲜有趣不可思议的灵物。凭借她特有的直觉和悟性,王鹰突破了美术界,尤其是中国文人的,具象的学院派风格,描绘出一幅幅完全自由的‘心电图’式的作品。捉摸不定的有机的线条和特有的色彩组合把观者带到王鹰的神奇世界里,感受那里的纯粹和自由。法国超现实主义的早期理论,Psychic Automatism:‘脱离任何既定的审美观,道德观,逻辑理由,用不被打断的线条来发现纯真,真实的思维过程’,对王鹰的线描作品是个很好的诠释。



Im juri