Painting Skin – Wang Tingting Solo Exhibition 画皮-王婷婷 个展


Nov 16 2008 – Jan 18 2009
Opening Reception: Nov 16 Sat 4-6pm
2008年11月16日 - 2009年1月18日
开幕式: 2008年11月15日 周六 下午4 – 6点

“Time disappears in the memory /tactility numb in the iteration /we repeat in numbness /love promised through fingers /fingers are entangled under love /unpossessed struggles with the possessed” – Mavis Fan

FQ Projects is pleased to announce an exhibition called Painting Skin which is also a staged situation built up with interior, paintings on the wall, works on paper and oil on canvas. It leads viewers into an inner world of a girl, the artist, Wang Tingting who belongs to the post 80’s generation. She is growing up in this term which seems peaceful but is actually repressive. Each generation has its own common characteristics, so is Tingting. They want to be grown-ups but being premature knowing the pain coming along with the growing, they try to escape from them, so struggle in the city filled with thorns. They are cool as well as high spirited and full of fervent love, hatred.

Though she is a MA graduate under artist Liu Dahong, She is not like others using thick strokes or realistic portrayal academically to create works, on the contrary, her works using simple artistic lines and a flat surface reflect complicated internal emotions; “bloody, flowers, cold, sweet”, the seemingly illogical use of words are representative of the juxtaposition in her works. These works are full of contradiction and reflect her metamorphosis.

Tingting loves music by Cheer Chen, Mavis Fan and Zhang Xuan. It is better to say she has a spiritual commonality with them than to think she is a fan of these minority singers. They express themselves through music, she uses painting. There are princes and princesses stories, but there are also blood and cold blades. The child like images with long and narrow eyes, smileless and glassy features yet emotional body language is Tingting herself. Painting Skin means paint a skin ourselves, it is superficial and maybe unreal, yet ambiguously it is the realistic appearance of heart. Husk can cheat, heart can’t.

Welcome to the world of Painting Skin.

“时间在回忆中消失/ 触感在重覆中麻木/ 我们在麻木中重覆/ 爱情在指缝间承诺/ 指缝在爱情下交缠/ 没有在拥有中挣扎”—— 范晓萱《回忆》





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