Brian Reed

Brian Michael Reed is an American conceptual artist who first came to China in 2012 to have experiences with Chinese visual culture and history through various artist-in-residence programs.  Reed discovered many themes that interested him about China; however, none were more potent than the metaphoric power of the Lotus.  The work, ‘Lotus Message’ asks people in China, “What does the Lotus mean for you?”  Recording peoples messages in calligraphy balls, enriched with symbolic messages, these gold-leaf-covered lotus pods show us how a foreigner can cultivate cultural communication using art to reveal and express the symbolic lotus in new ways.

Brian Michael Reed是一位美国观念艺术家,自2012年开始在中国各地参与了多个以中国视觉文化、历史为题的艺术家驻留项目。他对中国的许多事物产生兴趣,然而,没有一个能比得上莲花,莲花对于他来说是个非常复杂的隐喻。作品“莲语”向中国人提问:“莲对你来说意味着什么?”这些用笔墨记录下人们回答的纸团,藏在一个个被金箔包裹的莲蓬,同时也向我们展示了一个异乡人是怎样借助艺术来耕耘文化的交融,并用一种全新的方式诠释了莲的意寓。

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