Im Juri

Im Juri is a Korean artist who explores the relationship within herself and femininity as a young woman.  She uses very fine lines to portray herself with a flower face in dream-like yet simple scenarios. Sometimes funny, sometimes violent, but the flowery face and pinky fleshy background colour always stay the same. The petit size of the work, the exquisite lines and carefully coloured patterns shows Im Juri’s almost mad obsession of one’s inner complex thoughts. Hence they penetrate quietly into viewers’ minds.

IM JURI是一位来自韩国的艺术家。作为一个年青女性,探索她自己和女性意义的关系成为她作品迷恋的主题。她用非常精细的笔触描绘了一张又一张有着花的脸庞的自画像,置于简单又梦魇般的场景。有时有趣,有时暴力,而花朵的脸庞和粉红肉色的背景始终如一。作品以其娇小的尺幅,精细的线条和细心彩绘的色块反映了IM JURI近乎神经质的复杂敏锐的内心世界。进而安静而强烈的穿刺于观者的神经。

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  • 无题01Untitled 01,2007,19x14cm
  • 无题02Untitled 02,2007,19x14cm
  • imuri3
  • 无题04Untitled 04,2007,19x14cm
  • 无题05Untitled 05,2007,19x14cm
  • 无题06Untitled 06,2007,19x14cm
  • 无题07Untitled 07,2007,19x14cm
  • 无题07Untitled 07,2007,19x14cm
  • 无题09Untitled 09,2007,19x14cm
  • 无题10Untitled 10,2007,19x14cm
  • 无题11Untitled 11,2007,19x14cm
  • 无题12Untitled 12,2007,19x14cm
  • 无题12Untitled 12,2007,19x14cm
  • 无题14Untitled 14,2007,19x14cm
  • 无题15Untitled 15,2007,19x14cm
  • 无题16Untitled 16,2007,19x14cm
  • 你好,陌生人Hello,Stranger,2009,96x65cmx2
  • 你,我和我们U,me and us,2009,146x97cm
  • 甜蜜的爱Sweet Love,2009,162x112cm
  • 无题05Untitled 05,2009,29.8x21cm
  • 无题06Untitled 06,2009,29.8x21cm
  • 无题12Untitled 12,2009,29.8x21cm
  • 无题19Untitled 19,2009,29.8x21cm
  • 无题20Untitled 20,2009,29.8x21cm
  • 无题22Untitled 22,2009,29.8x21cm
  • 希望你留下Hope you could stay,2009,145x96cm