Wang Tingting

Wang Tingting was born in Shanghai in 1981 and currently lives and works in Shanghai. Wang Tingting’s works use simple artistic lines and a flat surface reflect complicated internal emotions; “bloody, flowers, cold, sweet”, the seemingly illogical use of words are representative of the juxtaposition in her works. These works are full of contradiction and reflect her metamorphosis.


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  • Bambi,2006,ink and watercolor pencil on paper,21.5x17.5cm
  • Assumed enemy,2006,ink and watercolor pencil on paper,23x16.5cm
  • Ketamine,2006,ink and watercolor pencil on paper,21x16.5cm
  • Missing,2006,pencil watercolor on paper,24x17cm
  • Tattoo,2006,ink and watercolor pencil on paper,21x16.5cm
  • Rotten,2005,ink and watercolor pencil on paper,23x16cm
  • The gesture of flower,2006,pencil watercolor on paper,23x17cm
  • Who guess the last card,2006,ink and watercolor pencil on paper,22.5x16.5cm
  • 相逢
  • 是我的海2010
  • TO BE A BEAST,2014, watercolor on paper,19x26.5cm
  • 牛角尖The tip of a horn,2010,watercolor on paper,38x18cm
  • 万物寂静如诗,All silent as poems, 2014,watercolor on paper,26x17.5cm
  • 我安安静静的躲起来Hide quietly,2010,watercolor on paper, 32.5x23cm
  • 两端没入水中的彩虹