Yu Qiping

Yu Qiping became the editor of “Jiang Su Art Magazine” after graduating from Nanjing Fine Art Academy in 1984. He has held many solo exhibitions and published his catalogues, Yu Qiping’s works have been included in many important exhibitions not only in China but also abroad, his works are collected by private collectors and public institutions including Jiang Su Fine Art Museum.


Yu Qiping

1984 Graduating from Nanjing Fine Art Academy and became the editor of Jiang Su Art Magazine

1991 Obtained an artist visa to go to Janpan for artistic creation

Main Exhibition

1992 City Gallery, Hong Kong

1996 Beijing International Art Gallery, Beijing

2000 Imura Art Gallery, Kyoto

2001 Fuji Gallery, Osaka

2003 Coju Gallery, Kyoto

2005 Tokyo Image Gallery, Tokyo

2007 The Museum of Tokyo, Tokyo

2010 J•Gallery, Shanghai

Fukuzumi Gallery, Osaka

2011 The Gallery, Shanghai

2012 SH Contemporary, Shanghai

2012 ART Beijing, Beijing

Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai, Shanghai

2014 Shanghai Dayuntang Art Gallery, Shanghai

2017 Shanghai Wutong Art Museum, Shanghai


1980 年考入南京艺术学院美术系, 主修中国画;

1984 年毕业于南京艺术学院并担任《江苏画刊》编辑;

1991 年获得赴日本的艺术家签证从事艺术创作。


1992 香港城市画廊 香港

1996 北京国际艺苑美术馆 北京

2000 Imura Art Gallery 京都

2001 Fuji Gallery 大阪

2003 Coju Gallery 京都

2005 东京映像 东京

2007 日本京都文化博物馆 京都

2010 J·Gallery 上海

2011 Fukuzumi Gallery 大阪

阁蕊莉画廊 上海

2012 2012上海当代,上海;


“水墨纵横”,上海新水墨艺术大展,上海多伦现代美术馆, 上海

2014 上海大韵堂艺术馆 上海

2017 上海梧桐美术馆 上海

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  • Deep, deep the courtyard where he is,so deep 庭院深深深几许14x65cm2015
  • High clouds with sunken sun 天远云疏斜阳
  • At the old pavilion last year记得去年旧亭台45x45cm2015 sm
  • Following the sages see mundane not一心从夫子无心染尘凡45x45cm2015 sm
  • The birds singing from the empty still room 空堂无风听鸟声45x45cm2015 sm
  • The moonlight illuminates the empty room 晚照空堂45x45cm2015 sm
  • 余启平 2008年南京第一场雪 47x50cm 2015副本 2