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    Welcome to visit Ruijiu Electrical   
    Yancheng Ruijiu Electrical Technology Co., Ltd.
    SAGA1-K2 eight key Double-speed remote control

    Taiwan Shaq SAGA1-K2 eight key Double-speed Industrial remote control
    Technical characteristics:
    * 8 Double-speed button, a boot, a start;
    * Rugged, durable and meets IP65 industrial standard housing;
    * More than 4 billion group never duplicate ID identification code to provide maximum safety;
    * Ultra-low power consumption - using two AA alkaline batteries can last approximately three months;
    * Has Hamming debug technologies;
    * With normal work under -45 to +80 c environment;
    * Operating distance up to 100 meters;
    * Specially designed for installation on the relay module height vibration engineering vehicles and automatic machines;
    * The machine provides output cable, so you can easily and quickly complete the installation;
    * The machine has multiple power supply options, such as: 48/110/220/380VAC & 12/24VDC, may be suitable for the needs of different machinery and equipment;
    * Prevent sudden power-off safety circuit design;
    * Three-power indicator;
    * Warning buzzer, warning lights;
    * Transmit Power <= 10mW;
    * Receiver prevent sudden power-off circuit;
    * Contact card dead detection circuit;
    * Suspension design;
    * Enhanced watchdog circuit;
    * Frequency offset tracking circuit;
    * The transmitter can directly change the operating frequency and function settings.
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