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    Welcome to visit Ruijiu Electrical   
    Yancheng Ruijiu Electrical Technology Co., Ltd.
    CX600-2DIndustrial remote control


    · Handle small size, light weight, easy to carry;
    · Product performance, stability, security, performance, use of confidence;
    · Two-way communication, no crystal, interference, drop, shock;
    Product Features
    · Remote Control Set 4 Single-speed keys +2 Double-speed button start button +1 +1 emergency stop button;
    · Host power supply design is AC36V, 48V, 220V, 380V, 450V, the voltage to meet different customer requirements;
    · Signal indicator and battery level indicator designed separately, more intuitive response remote working status;
    · No need to disassemble the remote control can be realized a pair of receiving host multiple functions, simple and easy;
    · Control cables with fast connection port design, the user can demand, self-control matching the right cable;
    · Rugged aluminum enclosure supporting high-quality protective cover, can effectively seismic, anti-collision;
    · Remote Control Protection class IP65, surface anti-oil, anti-dust, corrosion resistance, in full compliance with the factory environment;
    Technical indicators:
    Remote control transmitter
    Size: 132.5 * 66 * 34 (mm) Weight: 180g (without batteries)
    Control Distance: 200m
    Operating frequency: 433MHz
    Transmit Power: 10dBm
    Receiver sensitivity:-112dBm
    Use Antenna: Built-in
    Adapt to temperature: -10 ℃ to +75 ℃ (without regard to battery temperature)
    Power supply: AAA * 4 Pieces (4 on the 7th battery)
    Shell Material: tpu + abs
    Protection: IP65
    Remote Receiver
    Size: 205 * 134 * 60 (mm) Weight: 500g
    Frequency: 433MHz
    Frequency spacing: 50KHz
    Use Antenna: Built-in
    Transmit Power: 10dBm
    Receive sensitivity:-112dBm
    Relay: 10A, 250VAC
    Operating temperature: -10 ℃ ~ +75 ℃
    Optional power: AC 36V, 48V, 220V, 380V, 450V
    Power consumption: <3W
    Housing protection: IP67
    Suitable for MD hoist crane (down Double-speed, East and West for the Single-speed), to replace Taiwan TELECRANE F23-A + + Eight Single-speed Industrial remote control or F23-A +-type Industrial remote control, control distance farther, more convenient operation ! EU emergency stop mushroom head, more practical!
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