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    Welcome to visit Ruijiu Electrical   
    Yancheng Ruijiu Electrical Technology Co., Ltd.
    Motor Remote Control

    please choose our company when you buy Industrial remote control and electrical remote control!


    F21-2S motor remote control aka: Industrial remote control, lane remote control, remote control lift, winch remote control, motor remote control

    Motor wireless remote control, conveyor remote control. 
    Model: F21-2S 
    Transmitter (handheld) 
    Size: 13 × 4.5 × 2.2 cm Weight: about 60 grams receiver Size: 18.5 × 8.5 × 8.5 cm Weight: 550 grams with two keys, plus a stop button; 
    Up to four control points; 
    With battery voltage warning device, in low voltage own circuit; 
    Security Turn the key switch to prevent unauthorized use; 
    Computer Interface by setting internal functions; 
    Three action buttons can be set whether to suppress each other; 
    Spare a key can be set to on, off, acceleration, flick jump, general and other functions; 
    Control distance: up to 100 meters; 
    Security Code: 4300000000 kinds of factory and never repeated; 
    Operating temperature: -35 ℃ to +80 ℃ (without regard to battery temperature); 
    Protection class: IP65; 
    Transmitter Power: DC 3V (two alkaline batteries can be used four months); 
    Receiver Power Supply: AC 380V/220V/36V choose, or DC 12V/24V; 
    Output contact capacity: 5 amp sealed relay output (AC 250V/10A relays 5 amp fuse). Passive contact output, the control loop is applicable to any 220-volt AC and DC voltage and below. 
    Standard configuration: 
    A transmitter (with strap), 
    Receiver 1, ↑ ↓ 
    The receiver comes with 1 m connection cable, 
    Operation and Maintenance Manual 1. 
    For a variety of motor reversing control, such as wireless control elevators, conveyors, winches, pumps, electric hoists and other industrial equipment. Also allows for two-way wireless control of hydraulic, pneumatic equipment. 
    As for the motor start and stop, then you can control up to three motors start and stop. 

    Applies to lifts, conveyors, winches, pumps, electric hoist motor reversing other needs, start-stop control of industrial equipment wireless control.

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