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    Welcome to visit Ruijiu Electrical   
    Yancheng Ruijiu Electrical Technology Co., Ltd.
    Taiwan TELECRANE crane Duplicators remote control Duplicators

    Duplicators applicable to Taiwan TELECRANE F21, F23, F24 Series Product program to copy, modify and save, to note that the four series software is not universal, each series has a corresponding product, need to pay attention when ordering differentiate products. Meanwhile copier and computer software for different occasions and functions, according to the actual need to buy the corresponding product series duplicator or computer software and data lines.
    After purchasing replicator, select the need to rewrite the transmitter or receiver program interface transmitter battery cover, the receiver interface in the housing, remove the replicator magnetic keys, the six-pin plug cable to the circuit board, magnetic Duplicators Process key (on behalf Duplicators Duplicators magnetic keys removed to download data from the remote control circuit board, placed calls to read data from the remote control on behalf of the board to the replicator, the data read or download the data, shall not be placed magnetic key switch or removing the replicator). To download or read by the remote data replicator button until the LED indicator on the duplicator a green flashes rapidly extinguished after release, or read the data download is complete, unplug the six-pin plug cord. Each key duplicator on the remote control can save a set of data that can be operated separately.
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