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    Welcome to visit Ruijiu Electrical   
    Yancheng Ruijiu Electrical Technology Co., Ltd.
    TELECRANE remote control programming software

    Taiwan TELECRANE F21, F23, F24 series programming software (computer programs) and data lines with the use of each applicable to Taiwan TELECRANE F21, F23, F24 series, remote control, remote control software program to upload, download, edit, save , remote control matching remote maintenance.
    After the purchase of computer software, install the appropriate program, open interface, select the desired transmitter or receiver to rewrite the program, attention: software family and the remote control to the corresponding series such as: F21 series, F21 series of computer software for remote control only read and write. The transmitter battery cover interface, the receiver interface in the housing, connect the computer and the remote control (transmitter and receiver are not connected to the battery or power supply), choose a good port (com1 to com7) routine is com3 or com4. Click below to interface the middle of the READ (the icon is a small glasses), read the data, and then select one by clicking the icon on the right side, select the desired function mode, all after clicking write a good job in the middle bottom of the user interface (icons are pen and paper ), changing for the better transmitter, then the data can be written directly into the receiver, transmitter and receiver should have changed to the same procedure, otherwise it does not work.
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