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    Welcome to visit Ruijiu Electrical   
    Yancheng Ruijiu Electrical Technology Co., Ltd.
    Lift Remote Control Reversing Remote Control

    I. Overview
    Our company designs, manufactures of this subsection wireless receiver controller and three-button remote control is a complete wireless digital intelligent remote control components, mainly used to control AC motor reversing (eg: projection screen, electric curtains, electric pylons , garage doors, retractable door, etc.), can be used to control the device to reach the motor, reverse, or switch on, off conversion, wired and wireless compatible.
    The control apparatus receives high security, large memory capacity, stable performance and low power consumption of features and easy to use, without using the traditional jumper or DIP switch coding, just the wireless signal emitted by the remote control so that the receiver receiving and supporting the use of storage can be realized. Each controller can store multiple receiver transmitter (remote control), if a good learning remote control is lost during use, simply receiving the information stored in the controller cleared the lost remote control will not be responsible for Receive remote controller, I want to regain the right to use, must once again learn from the masters before use, so that the owner can remove the concerns generated when the remote control is lost, but also to add a new remote control provided for convenience only.
    Second, the technical indicators:
    1, the working voltage: AC220 ± 10%
    2, the load power: ≤ 500W
    3, the operating frequency: 315MHz, 433MHz (optional)
    4, Working temperature: -25 ℃ ~ +75 ℃
    5, remote control distance: 100 meters (open area)
    Third, the use
    1, on the code: Open the receiver panel, hold down the learning key (Settings key) connect the power supply after the hold, then the light starts flashing, release the learn button press and hold any button on the remote control, the indicator is off, the learning success . (After the study is completed on the remote control key or down key to hear the sound of beating the relay) otherwise re-learn.
    2, Wiring: Follow the label on the circuit board connected to the power cord and all control lines.
    Remote control and control panel buttons function:
    △ key: scroll; = key: stop, power lifting; ▽ key: Scroll down
    IV Notes
    1, bottom live, do not touch the energized
    2, after installing the motor does not work if the direction of the line to try exchangeable
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