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    220 volt single learning remote control switch RJ-1K-220

    220 volt single learning remote control switch RJ-1K-220 manual

    ◆ Working voltage: AC220 V load power: 10A Encoding: Learning work: self-locking, interlocking or jog output: active output (output 220 volts)
    Receiving frequency: 315MHZ Remote distance: 50 meters above the control panel size: 12 * 30.5 * 45mm ◆ Instructions for use:
    Press a button on the remote control either, if you learn indicator is blinking, this remote can learn supporting the product. 1 clear: often hold down the button to learn, learn indicator light, light off after 5 seconds, which means that cleared successfully. After cleared before the matching remote control no longer works. Note: If the factory before supporting good, do not be cleared to operate!
    2 Select work: let go after operation cleared, two seconds after the light flashed, then let go jogging indicating the selection work; If flashes twice and then let go, then choose the self-locking work; If flashes three Under then let go, then select the interlocking work. 3 matching remote control: choose a good after work, press and hold the learn button and hold, indicator light, release the hand, press the remote control to transmit signals supporting the indicator flashes three off, which means that the remote control has been a good learning this button. For more with remote control, re-operation of this step can be!
    Note: This product can support remote control fixed code and learning code remote control, if it is the same kind of fixed code remote control, simply press the remote control has a good supporting same address code can be compiled, can be equipped with any number of remote control; if learning code remote control, press the third step can operate, such remote control can only support a maximum of 16, such as adding, the first remote control no longer works, and so on. If you find someone else's remote control can also control your switch (weight codes phenomenon), the first switch clearing operation, and then replaced by another remote control address code, re-matching can be.
    ◆ Typical use: (as shown at right) 
    IN +: zero line input IN-: as FireWire input NO: Firewire output control
    NO COM is normally open to the public side of the normally closed terminal NC
    ◆ shared with wall switch connection (as shown below)
    Note: The premise of this connection is that the control panel is set to live output. In the case of the wall switch is turned on, the remote control only play the role of remote, remote control on and off. In addition, the wall switch can control the lamp on and off, and usually use the same. Even the remote control receiver bad friends, wall switches can be used normally.
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