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    Welcome to visit Ruijiu Electrical   
    Yancheng Ruijiu Electrical Technology Co., Ltd.
    F5M 500KG lifting machine

    F5M 500 kg class power lifting machine decoration
    Flying Wanda "F5M power lifting machine" Main features: Bracket part of a high standard with a 45 # pure steel made of hard, tough, lifting 500 kilograms absolutely no distortion, bend, and install the most advanced aviation. power motor, power large and small body types, lightweight, no noise and no electric charge when empty hook decentralization, the saving rate up to 70%. Chang is the national festival to mention energy saving motors. applicable to the outdoor roof support surface (can also be used for indoor) places up and down lifting material used in combination with the attached rack outdoor project, to achieve outdoor effect.Particularly suitable for rural play cast, cover small buildings, drying grain and so on.
    Model: F5M
    Price RMB: 4980 元
    Technical parameters:
    Lifting capacity: 500 kg single hook
    Rated voltage: 220v
    Rated power: 2.0KW
    Rated frequency: 50Hz
    Rope length: 30 m
    Factory rope diameter: 5 mm
    Weight: 85 kg
    Indoor installation height: 1.5M-3.2M
    Furthest out of the window length: 1.15M
    Retracted window within the shortest length: 0.45M
    The minimum working space: 0.40M
    Maximum weight: 1000 kg
    Maximum lifting height: 150M
    The product patent number: 200820079886.3
    F5M power lifting machine installation steps
    1, the power box with flat
    2, assembly bracket part
    (1) The first load will double intensify central fixed in the main bar;
    (2) coupled with the pressure bearing on the 8213 two-stepping device.
    (3) and then turn the set on the bearing;
    (4) on the top of the pad 4 of the nut 3, and then inserted into the lower end of the main screw bar.
    (5) will be assembled into the host end of the main bar to sit hole, and then attaching frame fixed in the main bar.
    (6) attached to the other end of the frame is fixed with a single stepping.
    3, then the heavy pressure on flat rack attached to the rear end of the rod.
    4, put the brakes on special wrench inserted in Shaw, check the brake system is flexible.
    5, with the clutch lever clutch dialed in from the state, remove the rope from the power box, release the child lock pulley rope above the rope through the pulley bracket, and then the rope lock child lock.
    6, remove the power cord, and stopper button to start the stopper mounted on the arm end is fixed box.
    7, powered air load test machine, check the start switch is flexible, limiter, limit switch is reliable.
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