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    Welcome to visit Ruijiu Electrical   
    Yancheng Ruijiu Electrical Technology Co., Ltd.
    LCD remote control

    1, China's first LCD Intelligent Controller
    Intuitive - industrial grade LCD display, real-time display hook operation, wireless signal strength, battery level and other information, all conditions panoramic view.
    Accurate - the first time two-way communication to ensure that the feedback signal, plus vibration alarm, all in the hands of the state.
    Calm - the safest moments away from dangerous moment, we do not want to have an emergency stop, do not want to have an alarm, because the state has been in the chest.
    2, perfect design innovation and technology
    Independent research and development with a self-resetting fuse device 75-600V wide voltage input switching power supply that can meet the most voltage range.
    Absorbing interrupter technique can effectively transfer relay disconnected produce strong currents, the excess energy stored in the capacitor to prevent disconnection caused by a spark generated when the contacts stick together.
    Gaussian frequency shift keying (GFSK), to avoid damage to the direct modulation signal spectral characteristics, and can not affect the subsequent parameter control circuit FM spectrum is narrower, more stable.
    Application of transient voltage suppression (TVS), able to absorb 2000W surge power, can effectively protect the electronic circuit of precision components, from the impact of various surge pulse signal.
    Time division multiple access technique, the same area can guarantee 65,000 band equipment clogging does not occur simultaneously to avoid cross-talk occurs between states of the control failure of multiple devices;
    Using AES-128 encryption and CRC checksum technology to effectively avoid interference with other signals.
    Wireless remote control, set aside the height limit
    Try Range
    Gantry cranes, bridge cranes (single girder, double girder)
    EPSON LCD industry
    Position, power, signal strength
    Two-way communication, remote control distance: 300m
    Remote Control
    Operating Frequency: 433MHZ
    Transmit Power: 10Dbm
    Battery: AA/LR6 * 4
    Host computer
    Operating frequency: 433MHz
    Power: 10dBm
    Receive sensitivity:-112dBm
    Relay: 10A, 250VAC
    Receiver sensitivity:-112dBm
    Power: AC36/48/220/380V
    Housing PA + GF plastic materials, metal production CR13-420 stainless steel
    Height sensor interface, control (cable) Interface
    Power Interface
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