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    Welcome to visit Ruijiu Electrical   
    Yancheng Ruijiu Electrical Technology Co., Ltd.
    Taiwan TELECRANE New F21-E2 Industrial remote control

    New listing: Taiwan factory new model F21-E2 listed it! !

    Turn the key switch + mushroom head emergency stop button + eight action buttons, drop resistance overall plastic base! Taiwan is absolutely genuine original!

    New Taiwan TELECRANE Industrial remote control crane remote control 
    Product parameters: 
    Transmitter: Size: 132 × 55 × 40 mm Weight: 220 g (including battery)

    Receiver: Dimensions: 190 × 85 × 62 mm Weight: 950 g (with cable)

    Receiver Power: 24/48, 48 / 110,48 / 220,110 / 220,220 / 380 volts (50/60 Hz).

    Emitter E card design, easy transmitter pair: user site directly changing the card will be able to realize the remote pairing. 
    Software feature set to meet different application requirements. 
    f21-e2 software provides versatile Jog Settings button, self-locking, interlocking. 
    Switch Features 
    Transmitter button: 1/1 Turn the key switch button 
    8 buttons (up / down buttons Double-speed) 
    Transmitter power supply: two 1.5 volt alkaline / rechargeable batteries 
    More than 4.3 unique identity code (billions never repeat) 
    Hamming and enhance safety watchdog circuit 
    Internal transmitter and receiver antenna (option: passive external antenna is available) 
    Operating temperature range -40 ℃ to 85 Celsius.

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