Resemblance Upon Looking Back: Dai Mouyu and Lu Chi Dual Exhibition 回望有像:戴牟雨,陆驰双人展


Opening Event: 5-7pm, March 30th, 2013 
Exhibition duration: March 30th – May 30th, 2013
开幕酒会:2013年3月30日 下午5-7点

FQ Projects is very pleased to present Dai Mouyu and Lu Chi’s work: drawings on paper, and glass sculptures. In these two completely different mediums, the works commonly express the artists’ creative processes, which involve temperament and the endurance of physically strenuous experiences, as well as the perfect combination of controlled logic and innovation.

Looking at Dai Mouyu’s paper works, one can feel the beauty in the coexistence and balance of emotion and reason. In his exquisite style, the detailed lines and flowing forms gathered together release a steady, yet freely tense and relaxed, strength.  At the centre of the works is the conflict and unity within times of change, which really relates to the artist’s self. This is a part of Dai Mouyu’s constant attempt to expound and understand himself. The placid waves on the surface display the depth of his potential, ups and downs of the past trained him to not panic, and shaped his cautious and meticulous style of painting. His work is comprised of understanding the self as well as life; this is a process of conflict and conflict elimination, understanding and being understood.

Dai Mouyu’s work not only shows “beauty”, but also allows viewers to have a perspective on his creative attitude behind his drawings, and through this thorough consideration and understanding, these seemingly “delicate”works deliver a force, a belief.

Lu Chi is regarded as part of China’s first batch of glass sculptors, and over the past decade of studying and creating glass art herself, she has developed her own understanding and unique style of glass art. Connected and leaking, her unique style is meticulous and complex. The works themselves, whether referring to the shape or gloss colour, all have to go through a journey of repetitive steps to be created, to foster an appreciation for the smooth lines and bright colours of the artwork. The artwork’s colourful brilliance, irregular magnificence, reflects the artist’s elegance and prudence. In order to grasp a better understanding of these seemingly delicate, but actually thick and solid works, we visited Lu Chi’s studio, learned the process behind creating a series of glass sculptures, and learned that it demands more than just creativity; it is a strength and endurance challenge, especially for a female sculptor, and also requires a dedicated spirit. At the same time, the savvy and delicate nature of a woman gives the works a special control of colour and style. Her newest series 《Journey》was produced after she travelled around the world, bringing the experiences of her travels back to her studio, creating her own “travel scenery”.

Dai Mouyu was born in Guangdong province in 1975 and currently lives and works in Shanghai. His photography work has been exhibited in several major exhibitions: Lianzhou International Photography Festival, Guangzhou Photography Biannual, Taipei MoCA, Shanghai Duolun Art Museum, Shanghai Art Museum, etc. FQ Projects is pleased to display his new drawings.

Lu Chi is a pioneer and witness of the Chinese contemporary glass art movement. In 2003, she got the very first MFA degree in Glass Art in all of China, from Tsinghua University. In 2007, after she finished her extracurricular education in the United States, she set up the first personal glass studio and became the first professional glass artist in Mainland China. In 2008, Lu Chi built up the “LuChi” glass jewellery line.  In 2009, she built up a luxury brand of glass tableware named “LuChi” in Shanghai with the Shanghai Glass Company. As an international glass artist, her work can be found in collections all over the world. Lu Chi’s sculptures have been collected by the V&A Museum, the China Pavillion (EXPO), and so on.

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Dai Mouyu

Lu Chi



戴牟雨的作品不单单是在展示一种“美”,也同时让观者将视角放在了他绘画的创作态度上, 再由此深入思考并体会在看似“娇弱”的作品下所传达的一股力量,一种信念。

陆驰作为中国第一批创作玻璃雕塑的艺术家,她在这近十年来对玻璃艺术的创作与研究中有了自己对于玻璃艺术的理解与创作的独特风格。通,漏,复杂细致是她已具有的独特风格。 作品本身无论是从形还是光泽色彩上都要经过一道道重复的步骤才能成型,才能让我们欣赏到这些线条流畅,色泽鲜亮的作品。其作品的流光溢彩,变幻瑰丽,体现了艺术家的细腻与含蓄。为了更进一步了解这看似脆弱却着实厚实的作品,造访陆驰的工作室时,了解到了创造一件玻璃雕塑作品的一系列过程的同时,也了解到了它所要求的已远远不只是创作,尤其作为女性雕塑家来说更是一种体力和耐力的挑战,以及敬业精神。同时女性的灵气与细腻的心思赋予给作品特有的灵气和色彩控制。她的最新系列《旅程》,是在她游历于世界各地之后,把旅行中的体验与气息带回自己的工作室,创作出她自己的“游历景点”。





– 陆驰

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