Seventeenth Annual Los Angeles Art Show: Modern & Contemporary 2012


Seventeenth Annual Los Angeles Art Show: Modern & Contemporary 2012
January 18 – 22, 2012
Los Angeles Convention Centre, West Hall A, Booth E235


FQ Projects is pleased to participate in the 2012 Los Angeles Art Show: Modern & Contemporary, which features bold and exciting work from today’s great artists! Bringing together 90 respected galleries from around the world, the show creates a vibrant atmosphere that examines the present and the future.

We will be exhibiting artwork from artists Im Juri, Yang Yongliang, and Zhang Xianyong, as well as Mo Di, Hu Zi, and Chen Xiaobing.

Im Juri describes her featured works, which “reclaim the traditional domination of the male gaza and reorient the significance of the female figure, to allow for more varied interpretations. Traditionally, the male, based on his desire for the female form, determines the way in which the female is perceived, thereby reducing her role to one of passivity and pleasure.” She goes on to recreate female heads out of flowers in an objectification of the body, developing feelings of pain and self-consciousness. Through this series she also explores facets of her inner world, by combining similar and disparate elements throughout her work.

Yang Yongliang’s “Peach Colony” series will be on display, representing an important ideal of the ancient Chinese literati to reside in seclusion in escape of reality- in the “Land of Peach Blossoms”. The artist states “As modern society rapidly develops, materialism and consumerism gradually corrode and take over the world of spirituality, while the same concrete buildings keep replacing the natural green forests. Human beings moral standards are degraded by materialistic desires, and I believe that this “Land of Peach Blossoms” exists just the same in the subconscious of those city-dwellers today who are still in touch with their conscience.” In this series he depicts ancient literati dressed in plain clothes in reconstructed settings based on today’s surroundings, obscuring time, space, and cultural boundaries to demonstrate the literati as a cultural element and carrier of spirituality.

In Zhang Xianyong’s “History is Everywhere” series, the artist models, photographs, and retouches photographs to create the impression that he is a “non-dispensable symbol” of his work. This series explores his idea that work’s survival eventually depends on ideas and concepts. Eastern and Western civilisation, foreign and native culture, all of it is intermixed, and he intends to dismantle horizontal elements and make them collide.

  • Hu Zi,j'amie,Gouache on paper,80x110cm,2010,FQ Projects Shanghai
  • MoDi,WavepointOcean-I'llBeOff,Oil On Canvas,130x150cm,2008,FQ Projects Shanghai
  • Yang Yongliang-PeachColony-TheMindLandscapeOfXieYouyu,2011,375x82cm,Ink-JetPrintOnEpsonFineArtPaper
  • Yang Yongliang,PeachColony-ThePeachColony,Epson UltraGiclee print on Hahnemühle Photo rag fine art paper,233x85cm,2011,FQ Projects Shanghai
  • Yang Yongliang-PeachColony-OdeToTheGoddessOfLuoRiver,2011,350x95cm,Ink-JetPrintOnEpsonFineArtPaper
  • Yang Yongliang,PeachColony-AnElegantAssemblyOfLiterati,Epson UltraGiclee print on Hahnemühle Photo rag fine art paper,321x95cm,2011,FQ Projects Shanghai
  • Yang Yongliang-PeachColony-HorseTraining,2011,220x100cm,Ink-JetPrintOnEpsonFineArtPaper
  • Yang Yongliang-PeachColony-LonelyAngler,2011,245x80cm,Ink-JetPrintOnEpsonFineArtPaper
  • Zhang Xianyong-History is everywhere-2 Mao&Jiang
  • Zhang Xianyong-Leifeng
  • Zhang Xianyong,Hallucination,Epson Inkjet print on Semi-glossy photopaper,105x180cm,2009,FQ Projects Shanghai
  • Zhang Xianyong-History is everywhere-1The Death of Marat
  • Zhang Xianyong,Urban fantasy,Epson Inkjet print on Semi-glossy photopaper,57x120cm,2009,FQ Projects Shanghai