Sha Po Lang – Sun Yu Solo Exhibition 杀破狼 – 孙宇个展


Exhibition duration: 7th Sep 2012-7th Nov 2012

Sha Po Lang is Sun Yu’s 2nd solo exhibition at FQ Projects. The exhibited artworks retain his consistent style, with the spiritual concept of his works undoubtedly focusing on the freedom of expression of his own temperament. Delicate and skillful strokes,profound but not with a darkness in tone, shows us the mind-exploration with a startling visual feast.

Sha Po Lang refers to three words derived from Chinese astrology,each representing a different star capable of good or evil dependingon their position in the heavens. As demonstrated in the artworks,Sha Po Lang has character traits including: an unsettled life, the ups and downs of life, with a famous hero physique. The Wuxing series(meaning five elements) implies turmoil and change, of both beneficial and harmful substances, sometimes having only one step difference. Shen li (a Chinese novel) creates another prospect:perhaps the world is just an illusion, with the ideal and the reality always in opposing positions. To contain every phenomenon, it implicates contradictions, being tangled, and conflict. Why don’t we become as the observers for the ages – from the point of view of the individual and society to rethink, and to create a world that we can trust.

Sun Yu’s works are filled with a strong sense of chaos and mystery,hinting at the loneliness and alienation of the human heart. This loneliness across time and space is resonating with feelings of the people who are living in reinforced concrete jungles. Why don’t we return back to the quietness of the soul; to peep at “the gap between hell and paradise” and thus expect the arrival of a ray of sunlight.

Sun Yu was born in 1982 in Jilin and graduated from the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in 2009. His works were selected for the Oil Painting Exhibition of Contemporary College Students in China,Guangzhou Mumian Art Salon and the new forces of Lingnan Oil Painting Exhibition. In 2010, FQ Projects organized an exhibition with his works as part of a group show titled “Here, there, where”, as well as a solo exhibition “irrelevant” in 2011. Both exhibitions received good feedback and captured the attention from the Art World.

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