Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair 2010

Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair

Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair 2010
September 9-12, 2010
Shanghai Exhibition Centre, Booth No. M06

FQ Projects is pleased to announce our participation in the 2010 Annual SHContemporary Art Fair, where we will be showcasing the work of artists such as Yang Yongliang, Mou Huan, Im Juri, Dai Mouyu, Sim Chan, and Mo Di, Wang Dawei.

Yang Yongliang’s “Phantom Landscape III” Series explores the conflict between Eastern and Western cultures, as he experiments with combining the two cultures by means of Song and Ming landscapes patched up with modern buildings.

Mou Huan’s oil paintings involve figures which appear to be floating in mid-air, suspended in cloud-like backgrounds, defying gravity, turning somersaults, and the like. His stylistic developments make room for endless spiritual space, relinquishing architectural details to gain symbolic power within the individual.

The work of Sim Chan is also extremely interesting as he works with depictions of local cityscapes and urban architecture, playing with the boundaries and forms of the city. His work, as he puts it, is a compilation of his own observations and reminiscences on our ever-changing cities.

  • Sim-Chan,Appearance-No
  • yangyongliang
  • 50cm-Phantom Landscape III Day of Night,2007,Epson inkjet print on fine art paper,60x285cm,Edition7;35x150cm,Edition 8_300dpi