Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair 2011


Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair 2011
8-10 September, 2011
Opening: September 7, 7-10PM
Shanghai Exhibition Centre, Booth No. E2-07

FQ Projects is pleased to be involved in the 2011 Annual SHContemporary Art Fair, during which we will be displaying the works of Dai Mouyu, Sun Yu, and Yang Yongliang.

Yang Yongliang’s “Phantom Landscape III” Series explores the conflict between Eastern and Western cultures, as he experiments with combining the two cultures by means of Song and Ming landscapes patched up with modern buildings.

Sun Yu’s oil paintings are a collection of expressions of the various stages of one’s life, from internal to external and then beyond. Internal, with portraits of solitary male figures, showing the pain of being trapped in one’s own mind. External, figures in the midst of vast empty space, populated only by nature, as each figure contemplates his surroundings. Finally, beyond, lone figures in desolate landscapes, connecting man with his fate and destiny.

Dai Mouyu’s inkjet prints as well as ink pieces confront untraditional Chinese temperament, showing a great ability to portray timeless quality through detail, sensitivity, and excellent artistic technique. He has managed to use both mediums to create a similar simplicity yet intensity with linear, black and white components.

  • Chen Xiaobing-Lost02,2009,140x130cm,B&W woodcut & sequin bead_300dpi
  • Lonely Drama,2011,40x40cmx5,oil on canvas
  • Rotten Wood,2011,70x40cm,oil on canvas-1
  • AbsoluteIsolatio,2010,OilOnCanvas,110x70cm
  • Extreme Penalty,2011,120x90cm,oil on canvas