Shanghai Jing, Shan Hai Jing 上海经,山海经


Chai Yiming and Wang Dawei Dual Solo Exhibition
Opening Event: 5-7PM, June 30th, 2013
Exhibition: July 1st – August 15th, 2013
开幕酒会:2013年6月30日 5-7点

This summer, FQ Projects will be introducing two continuous exhibitions of works on paper. First, we are honoured to present the Chai Yiming and Wang Dawei dual solo exhibition entitled “Shanghai Jing, Shan Hai Jing”.

Chai Yiming and Wang Dawei, although born in different decades and possessing different academic backgrounds, these two Shanghai artists both work with watercolour on rice paper. One artist young and emerging, one mature and experienced; one with an academic background hoping to break free from the traditional, restrictive dogma, one with a unique, self-taught style, using classical academic elements in his work; one with a relaxed and vivid impressionistic style, one with meticulous brushwork and heavy detail. Wang Dawei’s work brings us to experience the scenes and hardships of common life through his very eyes; Chai Yiming’s work lead us into the classic “Shan Hai Jing” myths beneath his own brush. Though their styles are different, the artists are equally witty and humourous.

On display by Wang Dawei are three series of work – “Community Life”, “Memorial”, and “Inner World”. The “Community Life” series is inspired by life in the artist community. Reproducing almost real-sized scenes of every day life allows the viewer to reexamine their surroundings and turn to their own reflection. “Memorial” borrows the theme of one of China’s thousand-year-old customs, Qing Ming, with an unambiguously traditional, yet slightly mocking interpretation of the mourning holiday during the winter solstice, in which families sweep the tombs of ancestors.  “Inner World” ebbs and flows, bringing people before the eyes of spectators. With a gloomy tone, in lifeless twilight are dazed people with different demeanors, yet all with the same kind of expression. It’s different from previous solo exhibitions of Wang Dawei, excluding a variety of symbolic metaphors, the artist’s questioning of mankind and society is now more purely rendered with the exaggeration of light and shadow in watercolour.

Chai Yiming is known as a mature artist with a unique, intelligent, and humourous style. “Shan Hai Jing” is an old masterpiece story, filled with traditional legends and fables. Chai Yiming’s series entitled “Shan Hai Jing” elaborates on what appears like the local flora and fauna in ancient scenery, worth seeing and travelling, while also seeming like a collection of absurd myths, worth reading and considering. His meticulous brushwork in his freehand style depicts lively and interesting interpretations of natural and manmade landscape. His watercolour style is traditional and novel, from a distance appearing much like traditional painting, but looking closely one can see a variety of media used in his work. Chai Yiming’s work never fails to reflect the artist’s unruly sense of humour, so enjoy a swim in his brilliant mythological work, it truly is an worthwhile escape!

Last year, the “Shan Hai Jing” series was exhibited for the first time in the Himalayas Art Museum Zhujiajiao Branch. And just earlier this year, FQ Projects displayed part of Chai Yiming’s “Shan Hai Jing” series at the Singapore Art Fair, which received wide acclaim and attention. This summer, FQ Projects will again present a series of his work, both old and new works together, making this a more complete exhibition allowing visitors a comprehensive experience to see the artist as a whole.

Wang Dawei, Shanghainese, born in 1984. Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts at Shanghai Normal University in 2009. He has been involved in Shanghai Normal University’s invisible gallery graduation exhibition, the Degas Art Space Art Exhibition, FQ Projects New Generation Art Group Exhibition, Shanghai Museum of Contemporary Art “In Between Reality and Fiction” Animamix Biennale, FQ Projects Monologue Group Exhibition, FQ Projects “The People Around Us” solo show, as well as the Shanghai International Contemporary Art Fair and Art Stage Singapore.

Chai Yiming, born in Harbin in 1965. After graduating from the Shanghai Business Academy in 1987, attended Huashan Art School. Currently works and lives in Shanghai. He has participated in many solo and group exhibitions in the United States, Germany, Belgium, Italy, and Spain. He has also exhibited in the Shanghai Museum of Contemporary Art, the Toronto Art Museum, the Chongqing Youth Art Biennale, as well as several well-known art galleries.

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Chai Yiming

Wang Dawei

非青计划将会在今夏连续推出两个纸本作品展。 首展,非青计划将荣幸地展出柴一茗和王大卫的双个人展 -- “上海经,山海经”。


展出的王大卫作品分为三个系列 — “小区的生活”,“追思”,“内心世界”。







– 柴一茗

– 王大卫

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