Sixteenth Annual Los Angeles Art Show 2011


Sixteenth Annual Los Angeles Art Show 2011
January 19-23, 2011
Los Angeles Convention Centre, Booth H203
FQ Projects is pleased to be participating in the Sixteenth Annual LAAS, in collaboration with the LIMN Gallery of San Fransisco. We will be featuring photographic-manipulation works by Yang Yongliang and Chen Nong, as well as pieces by Sun Yu, Yu Li, Wang Dawei, and Mou Huan.

Yang Yongliang’s photo manipulations appear in various series’ entitled “Heavenly City”, “Snow City”, “Viridescence” and “Phantom Landscape”, all of which confront the effects of modern society on traditional values via the combination of traditional Chinese landscapes with modern cityscapes. “Heavenly City” also presents an even deeper look into the flaws of modern society, specifically referring to the growth of nuclear power and it’s effects on humanity, society, and nature.

Chen Nong’s photography, specifically his “Three Gorges” series, involves hand coloured black-and-white silver prints on fibre paper, which are coloured and altered to juxtapose reality with materiality, whilst exploring, and perhaps playing with, traditional Chinese settings and figures.

  • Sun Yu,Dark Night-3,2010,20x20cm
  • 18 The existence detail_300d'pi
  • 17.Wang Dawei-The existence,2008-ink wash on rice paper-30x330cm
  • YangYongliang,SnowCity-Triptych,2009,200x60cmx3,Ink-jetPrintOnEpsonFineArtPaper,FQ Projects
  • 7-candy pick up