Step 09 Milano Italy Art Fair 2011


Step 09 Milano Italy Art Fair 2011
Friday November 25 – 27, 2011
National Museum of Science and Technology Leonardo da Vinci, Central Milan

FQ Projects is pleased to participate in the 3rd edition of the Step 09 Italy Art Fair. Step 09 expands its horizons in 2011 in terms of both the number of galleries as well as the projects on display. At an international level the event accommodates galleries from around the world, and intends to be an event to encounter national and international artistic ability in one place.

Our gallery is proud to present the hand coloured silver print works of Chinese artist Chen Nong, specifically his Lily Pound, Imperial Palace, Mask, and Summer Palace series’. As described by Lily Hope Chumley, a scholar from the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Chen Nong’s photographs “play with Chinese historical iconography – tomb soldiers stand on the moon with an astronaut… Chinese opera characters stand in a traditional wooden boat, carrying rifles with bayonets… Characters in Qing costumes sit in front of the Palace Museum… though his work is playful, Chen Nong’s photographs are not merely iconographic jokes or historical puns. Chen Nong builds layers of illusion and reality by painting costumes, finding locations, arranging models, shooting and printing photographs and colouring his prints. In Chen Nong’s pictures, it is not the real things that stick out, but the contrast between the heavy shadows of the photograph and the light washes of colour, and the stillness of the models and the fleeting brushstrokes which give his artworks such a haunting beauty.”