Being Alone: SUN Yu New Works


Opening: 5 – 8pm, 9 Sept 2015
Exhibition:9 Sept  –  5 Nov 2015
开幕酒会 : 2015年9月9日 5 – 8pm
展览时间:2015年9月9日 – 11月5日

FQ Projects is very pleased to present Sun Yu’s new solo exhibition: Being Alone. Born in 1982, Sun Yu is a young artist FQ Projects has been developing and promoting for a long time, including several solo and group exhibitions. Being Alone is Sun Yu’s fifth solo exhibition in FQ Projects, another milestone on the way of his gradual development in art.

This solo exhibition shows Sun Yu’s new works in 2015, reflecting his introspection on himself. He has become “more comfortable with myself and are more able to go with the flow of my own changes”. He is more willing to let his thoughts and feelings pour out on the canvas by themselves, instead of giving the works meanings on purpose. The artist “achieved a broader state of mind” by being alone. He kept questioning the meaning of being, the relationship of the self and the others, and “how to make the independent self a reasonable being”. This “self-isolating” gesture of the artist and his introspection can be seen in works such as Being with myself, The Definition of Loneliness , Solitude, Have Thought About and The Mental Struggle Between Potato and Stone.

Specializing in portraits, Sun Yu depicts deep and delicate emotions of human beings with his unique style of brush strokes. “I want to express people’s ordinary feelings, which are also my own feelings.” Most of his works have a melancholy and profound quality. They are dark, yet there are always light coming through the darkness. In the works of the exhibition, we can hardly see the faces of the figures. They are either facing other directions or are blurred, yet making these works no less powerful. The objects and people in the paintings are set with absurd surroundings, together sending out heavy and complicated emotions.

Sun Yu, born in 1982 in Jilin and graduated from the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in 2009. Now he lives and works in Beijing. His works were selected for the Oil Painting Exhibition of Contemporary College Students in China, Guangzhou Mumian Art Salon and the new forces of Lingnan Oil Painting Exhibition. FQ Projects has been cooperating with Sun Yu since 2009, held several exhibitions for him, taking his paintings to LA, Paris, London, Melbourne, Korea, Singapore and Shanghai Art Fairs . All were well received with excellent feedback and captured the attention in the art world.





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