Untitled – Xu Ke Solo Exhibition 无题 – 徐可个展


Exhibition duration: 2012.11.10 – 2013.01.10 
展期:2012年11月10日- 2013 年 1月10日

Born in Shanghai, one can always feel the influence of Xu Ke’s local South River influence in his ink paintings, making them both atmospheric and spirited.Through his ink and brushwork, some of the paintings present a straightforward picture, with directness and simplicity; yet other more roughly composed paintings have hidden and rich details, which make these works even more interesting to look at.

Over the past decade, Xu Ke’s ink wash paintings have been exhibited in western countries and have been collected by their local Institutions. Untitled is Xu Ke’s first solo exhibition at FQ Projects, and mainly exhibits his most recent abstract ink wash paintings. These non-descriptive works convey a relatively free sense of expression, forming space and atmosphere by reflecting the moment of their creation. In his opinion, Chinese contemporary art should be created through looking at China’s past history and culture, and finding links with the present. This link thereby establishes a new valuable and visual aesthetic.

Visiting Xu Ke’s studio is a very interesting experience. His work space is not large, but because it is filled with a dazzling array of gadgets, it has a unique feel; a broken traditional Chinese rice wine tank has a mouth painted along its crack; empty wine jars are filled with black ink. Xu Ke states “Painting is my chosen means of pleasure when I spend time alone.” Perhaps for Xu Ke, ink wash isn’t only a media for creation, but is also an integral part of his lifestyle and perhaps even part of his spiritual fulfillment.

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Xu Ke


近十年来,徐可的水墨画一直在西方国家展览,并被国外的一些机构收藏。《无题》是非青计划为徐可举办的首次个人画展,主要是展出他近期的抽象水墨作品。徐可近期的抽象水墨作品正步入一个相对自由的境地,瞬间的痕迹给了他很大的空间与气象,创作的整个状态也许是非描写性的。 在他看来,中国当代艺术应该从中国文化历史的记忆中去寻找可以与当代相联结的东西,由此建立新的有价值的视觉审美。

拜访徐可的画室,是一件很有趣的事情,工作室的空间不大,却因为被他塞满了琳琅满目的小玩意而形成了一种独特的风格。看着他在被敲裂的黄酒坛子的破口处画上了个嘴形,空的酒坛子里盛了墨水,想到徐可自己说的这样一句话:“绘画之于我是独处时选择的一种消遣方式。” 或许,对于徐可,水墨不仅是一种创作媒介,更是一种生活方式,还或许是一种精神上的追寻。



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