Zhang Xianyong – History is everywhere 张宪勇 – 随处可见的历史


Exhibition duration: 13th Nov 2011 – 12th Jan 2012
Opening Reception: 12th Nov Sat 5:30-7:30pm
开幕式:    十一月十二日  

Zhang Xianyong, is a practioner in the field of conceptual photography. FQ Projects is pleased to announce the new photo exhibition of Zhang Xianyong:  History is Everywhere, we invite you to step into his private magic imagined world with us.

History is everywhere series was created between the end of 2010 to May 2011. Lenin, Mao, Lei Feng, Marx and Marat, these familiar historic figures suddenly become five cute sprits through the work of Zhang.  Contrasting with ordinary every day objects he creates an imagined stage for these “little people” as if history is quietly happening during these minor moments. Zhang fuses the fascination of the photography into the history and then the ordinariness of the history is also embodied in his collaborated images.

He started his conceptual photographic work in 2006. As a post 70’s born native Shanghai artist he combines the strong influence of his Shanghai background and the memory of the past “red” years into his every photo work. The process of the creation of his images is much like a combination of performing art and paintings. He performs every figure by himself and then delicately composes these different elements into his imagined stories. The fusion of the oriental and western civilization, the outside culture and local urban culture represents the multi-elemental combination of the world. He separates these elements and then re-organizes them together in his work. The flavour of Shanghai, the characters exaggerated pose and absurd story lines all combine to compose the black humor elements of his works. With the blurred memories of his childhood of the 70’s and the feelings of disappointment with the reality of the adult world provide his works some kind of sentiment.

Zhang Xianyong, was born in 1970 Shanghai. He studied design and graduated from Shanghai University in 1993 and then worked as a creative director in 4A advertising agent. Since 2006 he has become an independent photographic artist and hold his solo exhibitions in San Francisco and Shanghai. In 2011, he won the award in the Wannabee Prize in Milan Italy. He is apparently becoming the new star in the field of conceptual photography in China.


“随处可见的历史”系列创作于2010年年底至2011年5月之间,是张宪勇的最新作品。列宁、毛泽东、雷锋、马克思、马拉,这些耳熟能详的历史人物,在张宪勇的镜头下仿佛成了穿梭时空而来的一个个可爱精灵。他利用随处可见的日常用品, 给这些小人们搭建了历史的舞台,好似历史正在这些不经意的瞬间中悄然发生。张宪勇独特而俏皮的手法,将影像的魅力融入进了历史的演绎,历史的日常性也在影像的细腻构图中得以呈现。

作为一个出生于上海的70后, 张的每一张摄影作品都显露着他浓烈的海派色彩以及他对逝去红色岁月的艺术表达。他的影像作品产生的过程就像是行为艺术和绘画艺术的结合。东方文明和西方文明、外来文化和本土文化, 这一切的混杂体现在周遭世界形成多元的组合,他试图拆解这些横向和纵向的元素,让它们产生交融和碰撞。海派风格的色调,略显荒诞的情节,夸张的人物姿态构 成了张宪勇作品的黑色幽默的气息。70后生一代人对童年往事的模糊记忆的留恋及对成人世界的无奈,也使他作品透露出了笑中带泪的印痕。

张宪勇,1970年出生于上海,1993年毕业于上海大学设计专业,后从事4A广告公司创意总监多年。2006年起成为独立摄影人,后在美国旧金山、上海等地举办个人摄影展,并于2011年意大利米兰Wannabee Prize中获得了优胜,已然成为当代观念摄影中一颗冉冉升起的新星。


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